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Why did we take the Banks contract AND give Miami our 1st round pick ?

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    karim_nasir wrote: View Post
    it's still a 1st round pick right ?

    and right now it's protected... but who knows in 2015 if we make the playoffs... it could be a lottery pick.
    The point was that Miami wasn't getting Bosh and a lottery pick from Toronto at the same approximate time.


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      karim_nasir wrote: View Post
      you said OKC would be willing to take banks and a 1st round pick for a second rounder...

      the raps took Banks and gave up a 1st rounder...

      okc would be taking banks and GETTING a 1st rounder
      raps taking banks and GIVING AWAY a 1st rounder
      Okay, but that was beside the point. I did not and am not arguing the merits of the O'Neal trades here; I would not have traded O'Neal for Marion straight-up. I was simply responding to your idea that Miami would have been limited this off-season by Banks.


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        Bendit wrote: View Post
        Marion had 1 less yr on his contract and 2 mill. I believe. That would be for a total savings of about 23 mill. (approx).
        To be exact, Marion's 2008-2009 salary was ~$17.81 mil. O'Neal's 2008-2009 salary was ~$21.37 mil.

        So yeah, I guess the 1st round pick we gave Miami was so we'd save ~$22 mil. Of course, then we go and spend part of it on Turk...
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          karim_nasir wrote: View Post
          just to add to this... did Pat Riley know that by taking Bosh from Toronto, it would leave the Raps with a very weak team, would would most likely end up in the lottery...
          So not only did we take the contract that allowed them to take away our star player, but we are now giving them a lottery pick.
          ya,but what he didn't know is that bosh is soft and by making us shit you actually made us better by us getting a new superstar with a top 5 pick.

          no more trying to build around a complimentary piece I want a vince carter toronto version type player but with a heart.

          hell i want a john wall, no andrea bargnani, no bosh, a superstar!
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