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Retool: BC, why must you be the "tool" part?

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  • Lark Benson
    The most worrying part is where he boldly states that his commitment is to putting a competitive product on the floor at all times for the sake of season ticket holders and corporate sponsorships. This attitude of placing a higher priority on raking in money in the short term than winning championships in the long run is exactly why this franchise is mired in mediocrity. It's something we've all known about MLSE's intentions for a while, but to have BC state it so directly is sickening.

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  • hateslosing
    started a topic Retool: BC, why must you be the "tool" part?

    Retool: BC, why must you be the "tool" part?

    Well, I guess this is good bye to the rebuild:

    Bryan Colangelo may be under siege now, but there is no surrender to be had. No retreat, either. No, the general manager of the Toronto Raptors is not going to rebuild; he’s not even going to use the word. He prefers “retool,” or “re-engineer.” Those teams that tank a year or two and try to win the right lottery? That’s not happening here.

    The article goes on to talk about how BC thinks we need to field the best team possible in order to justify season ticket holders. There is some talk about our guys improving but the general tone and win now message has me worried about the future. While I am against tanking, if BC signs another Hedo type deal (JO is free again *shudder*) I think I may cry.
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