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Comparing Our Division Winning Roster to Our Present One

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  • Comparing Our Division Winning Roster to Our Present One

    Looking at the roster from our division winning team of 2006-07 and comparing it to our current one leaves me to feel optimistic on how we can turn this ship around and get back on track.

    Keep in mind that how terrible most feel we have been to start this season was pretty much exactly how we started the 2006-07. Schedules for the most part could also be considered similar too.

    Now I realize there a lots deficiencies that come in to factor (ie coaching, injuries, etc.) but taking that into consideration is it still realistic to think that this team can come close to winning 47 games like that squad did 3 years ago?

    So that being said, on paper which roster do you think is better? 2006-06 or the current 2009-10 one?

    2006-07 Roster

    7 Andrea Bargnani F
    4 Chris Bosh F-C
    8 Jose Calderon G
    3 Juan Dixon G
    11 T.J. Ford G
    15 Jorge Garbajosa F
    14 Joey Graham F
    43 Kris Humphries F
    6 Luke Jackson F
    20 Fred Jones G-F
    2 Darrick Martin G
    12 Rasho Nesterovic C
    18 Anthony Parker G
    24 Morris Peterson F
    10 Uros Slokar F
    9 Pape Sow F
    1 P.J. Tucker F

    2009-10 Roster

    3 Marcus Banks G
    7 Andrea Bargnani F
    0 Marco Belinelli G
    4 Chris Bosh F-C
    8 Jose Calderon G
    10 DeMar DeRozan G
    1 Jarrett Jack G
    15 Amir Johnson F
    44 Pops Mensah-Bonsu F
    12 Rasho Nesterovic C
    13 Patrick O'Bryant C
    26 Hedo Turkoglu F
    24 Sonny Weems G
    21 Antoine Wright G-F
    2006-07 Team
    2009-10 Team
    Neither. Suggest another season roster

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    On paper the 2006-2007 is not that close based on talent. However the 06-07 had more toughness and intensity, Parker(fairly young) and Garbo. One thing was that even that year we started of slow. Iremeber even though we did bad in the start during the new year we did really good and had the best record during the new year. Hopefully te same feat can be accmoplished this time around
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      The 2006 version had three strong glue guys getting the little things that fly under the radar done night in, night out. Those three players were Jorge, Anthony and Rasho. Sure, Rasho is back but he's not the same player and he's not in the same role. On top of that they had a better one two punch at the point guard position. TJ and Jose offered drastically different looks when on the court; offering a change of pace that made the defense have to adjust many times during a game. TJ then was better than Jack now. They also had a better coach in general and a better coach for that particular team. I think this current team has more talent but the '06 team was tougher and wanted it more. They were also older and had two good leaders supporting Bosh in Garbajosa and Parker. It really helped that both were strong defenders and highly intelligent players. The '09 team has more upside.


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        Well Turkoglu is "suppose" to give the 2009-2010 the edge but thus far he is too inconsistent to determined that.

        By the end of the season we will know for sure, as of right now the Raptors are more like the 2007-2008 team.


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          On paper, the 2007 team is significantly better due their defensive ability.
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            An effective Parker and Nesterovic, in-form Garbajosa and Bargnani and a consistent Mo Pete give the 2007 roster the edge. This can change by season's end.


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              In 06-07 our bigs were playing some excellent basketball. Rasho could handle the minutes and was very productive.

              Right now, this season has more potential, but only if Bosh and Bargnani can put together a string of good defensive games together. Will the real Raps' defence please stand up?

              I think Jack can be like TJ for us - a relentless attacker. He is getting more comfortable with that role as the games progress - he just really needs to protect the ball a little better. DeMar's potential at this point is limitless. He has the athletic ability, and the apparent desire to get better. Parker's defence in 2006 was excellent, however, something DeMar will not be able to replicate until next season at least, IMO.

              I have to say that I think that the rosters are about even from that season to this one, on paper. The Raps have lost wing defence since then, and PG defence, which made the job easier on our bigs . Hedo is the key addition that will prove which roster is better - will he and Bosh and Bargnani form the kind of chemistry that will be practically unguardable, which is what Hedo had in Orlando?