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Bosh slipped and said this has been planned for months.

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    Mess wrote: View Post
    This is what Holly MacKenzie posted on her twitter feed:

    "The days and months... uh, not the days and months," Been in the works for awhile? about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

    I presume it's a quote from Bosh. And I presume since she found it interesting it was in the context of Bosh coming to Miami.

    But who knows, I didn't watch any of it.
    Yup, she's quoting Bosh from yesterdays unveiling of the big 3 to the miami fans, they introduce Bosh to the fans and he explains how they began the process of coming together with ..they days and months...


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      Bendit wrote: View Post
      While the culmination of the troika signing in a single location occurred in the last few months (which the twitter message implies), the actual idea to do so/work towards, germinated at extension time 3-4 yrs. ago. No?

      Bendit wrote: View Post
      Such Freudian slips are "interesting" to say the least and feed into the narrative alongwith BC's statement sometime ago that something changed after the Allstar break (I paraphrase)...that something changed with CB after the allstar game (I paraphrase). The entire episode just leaves a bit of an odor for me but hope not to dwell on it much more.
      I don't know that Chris Bosh's change after the all-star break had more to do with this than simply getting injured right after the break and then coming back rusty/without the momentum from before the break. He might also have been concerned about getting re-injured and that affecting his free agency, but it wasn't like "here comes 2nd (small) half of season, time to cash it in." I usually agree with BC, but I think this time it was just an easy way to deflect attention from their 2nd half crash. Had he not been injured in Memphis, I think we might have continued our momentum from right before the break (I think we had the #2 best record in the last ~26 games, or something crazy like that), there would be no change in Bosh, but he still would have left regardless of our playoff performance.

      Months ago, I thought it would only take good effort (and not necessarily a first round win) in the playoffs to keep him, but now I think we would have needed to show something quite special like being an amazing, unbeatable team. Even making the Conference finals with anything short of brilliance probably would not have cut it.


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        ibzilla wrote: View Post
        Listen, its a good fit for Bosh, he isn't a franchise player and he knows it. Settling to be a third option on a loaded team really is the best fit for him. Raptor fans have to ask themselves if Toronto is a championship level team with bosh on board, if the answer is no then let him go. There is no point in paying someone 20 mill a year for 40 win seasons. Rebuild and start over
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