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Sat July 10th Game Day Thread - Raptors vs Suns 4:00 PM EDT

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    good game for the raps all round taking into consideration the suns had no D to speak of.

    Davis looked good and played better then I expected on the offensive side of the ball. Davis runs the floor really and has a touch around the basket. His weaknesses from what I saw was that he needed to be more explosive to the ball on rebounds. He needs to get bigger and stronger too.

    Alabi ran the floor really well for a 7 footer was very surprised about that. His Defense was good alot of shots were blocked or changed because of solomon and davis I like that alot. His weaknesses are he needs to get in the gym badly and put on some size and strength, especially strength I seen a few times he had a hard time posting because he didn't have the strength to lock his position. His rebounding suffered because he couldn't hold his position. Definitely needs a big man coach!

    sign mike roll!!!

    if we sign dorsey that will be a good pick up too till alabi puts in the work to get his body physically able to handle the center spot.

    Derozan stills needs to play better D he is out of position alot.

    Weems needs to hit his free throws and open jumpers.

    bobby brown played good but is too small and undersized to play for us we already have 2 small guards

    For the most part I like what I saw today.


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      DD and Weems played really well - they were relentless going to the bucket and that was refreshing to see the offense not wasting stretches just settling for jumpers.

      Dorsey was another stand out to me. He loves the contact and he rebounds the hell out of the ball, any word on what the rec specs were for though?

      The rookies played decently. More than anything else, I loved how Davis blocked/altered so many drives...finally some help side D Same goes for Alabi. I saw on here people weren't too impressed and he definitely did have some trouble getting his bearings straight but he was still a presence on D.

      Overall a great start to summer league and I'm excited to see more.


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        I like Weems' energy and hustle, but man, there are times I think, damn, that's a bit of an ugly lookin' shot...
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          Man Sonny and Demar looked good today as well as Michael Roll. The guy has perfect form on his jumpshot and I hope he keeps it up so he can get a shot at the roster. Alabi was aggressive to say the most....he looked a little off-balance but at least he was aggressive. Ed Davis look good to say he hasn't played in a while, his offense looks a little rusty but he is gifted athletically and I can't wait to watch him develop.


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            Rap Challenger wrote: View Post
            I like Weems' energy and hustle, but man, there are times I think, damn, that's a bit of an ugly lookin' shot...
            Strange, because (other than his legs), I think he's got a great stroke. Oh well, if he nails close to 50% of them, I don't think he'll be complaining... and neither should we.
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              OH and Joey Dorsey is a MONSTER physically! he's the type of guy that we need against big men like D.Howard, this guy better get some minutes this year because he's a physical presence and his offense is a lot better than Reggie Evans, so I hope he gets run ahead of Evans!


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                OzRapFan wrote: View Post
                He has a nice shot,very quick release, and he has got red hair. Sign him up.

                Bobby Brown look good too "wonder if he can sing"?
                I watched the highlights and I agree the Michael Roll guy needs to be picked up by BC and he has a nice shooting stroke. As long as he plays average defense and slides his feet, sign me up..


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                  JYFelony wrote: View Post
                  I'm amazed at how quickly everyone is to claim that "this guy is sh*t!, this guy's awful!, his low post moves are awful!!". The first SUMMER LEAGUE GAME isn't even over yet, and we're making outrageous claims about everyone that's stepped on the floor! Easy now Raptors fans...
                  LOL! I hope no one's expecting a post-game Raptors Roll Call player analysis.
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                    Rap Challenger wrote: View Post
                    I like Weems' energy and hustle, but man, there are times I think, damn, that's a bit of an ugly lookin' shot...
                    Are you saying he has an ugly shot or he takes ill-advised shots at times? he's young, but I thought he played an excellent game.. People saying he has to hit open jumpers, he wasn't taking bad shots, and I can't even recall any he missed. In the first he hit two just inside the 3, but for the most part the whole Raptor offense were taking advantage of the D by Phoenix and driving to the hole, so I don't see where the criticism is coming from.

                    Alabi didn't really have his feet under him this first game, lost his footing a few times under the net.. Although, I didn't see anything wrong with his defense, which is what really mattered to me. Ed Davis, good game all around for this kid, nice job around the hoop, and his D, a few blocks where he came out of no where were amazing.. Derozan, where did he go wrong will ball-handling.. Half the time he was bringing it up the court and driving to the net, past multiple defenders.. Also, his shot? Did anyone see the little fake left, turn right fade away jumper in the low post? That was beautiful man..

                    That's all I'm concerned to comment on, just gotta let the rest of the summer play go on and see how it goes, too early to say 'sign this guy, sign that dude' yet.. Good game for Raptors, and that's a good sign.