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Smith Thinks The Raptors Might Not Use TPE This Summer

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    If we assume that we are all about rebuilding and developing our young talents, then the current roster gives us the ability and the future flexibility to do so.

    I still think the team needs a pass first, traditional PG but I like to have a either a young guy who can develop with the current group of guys or a veteran with a reasonable short contract who can help to make the game easier for them while not jeopardizing our future flexibility.

    Is there such a PG AVAILABLE in the league now ? Can we effort getting him ?

    I don't have the answer for it. If there is no such a person, then I think the best thing is to hold off now and see what the season has in store for us.

    The current team will get somewhere between 15-25 win next season which will give us a draft pick hopefully around 5-7.


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      INFO wrote: View Post
      2 words: Harrison. Barnes.
      I'm fine with lineup as is going into the season, aside from a young PG. If we can play the season out and come out with a top ten pick, I'd love to send it with the trade exception for the #1 pick. I don't know if that team will want to part with the opportunity to draft Barnes.

      I checked out DraftExpress yesterday and I Believe 3 of their top 6 draftees were Euros... Ugh.


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        Bouncepass wrote: View Post
        If finished for now, the 13 man roster is?


        If they play the young players a lot (DeRozan, Weems, Davis, Johnson), is this a 30-35 win team with the 8-12th pick in the first round next year?
        What about Alabi?... I think he would likely get the 13th spot over Dorsey


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          I know we have no true superstars but I remember a Memhpis team coached by Hubbie Brown like 5 to 9 years ago where they had no superstars played 10 guys every night they played hard and won 50 games. I only bring that up because as much as this is superstar league I think this is better "team" now not necessarily from day 1 but I think this team is going to surprise a lot of people...a division title is not 100% out of the equation with an aging Celtic team and questions in NY and NJ still a few years away Toronto and Phily could easily win a division title if the Celts can suffer some likely injury trouble...


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            with a rotation of

            with a splash of some others kids here and there this team will be fast, quick, up tempo,and struggle offensively in the half court but will improve its defence greatly....anywherefrom 27 to 50 wins is a possible because BC might not be done yet!!!
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