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Reggie Sends His Love

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    He's not going to Charlotte but I still feel like his Raptor career is on death row.


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      Yeah.. I feel that way too, along with Jose, but I really don't think they'll get such a good deal now.. Hopefully they don't just get screwed over. This was an actual legit deal.. Probably won't see another even close to matching it.


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        It would be even more satisfying to see Reggie in a Raps uniform givin' Bosh a shot in the bean bag. Can you imagine the crowd reaction if something like that happened on our home turf? We can get a cool radio station to broadcast a game-day promo: "free serving of chicken nuggets" to every fan in attendance for every time Reggie Evans boxes out Chris Bosh, hard!! (clearly it can't be a mass market promo for every time he sacks 'em, but we all know he'll be targeting the mid section)
        "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."