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    Welcome back Jose .... OLE, OLE Ocho is hard to get rid of, LOL!


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      Saying goodbye to Jose seems a bit premature
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      Memories some so sweet, indeed

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      “As a captain, I played furiously. I drew a lot of fouls, but I brought everything I had to every practice and to every game. I left everything on the court because I simply wanted the team to win”
      Quote from well known personality who led their high school team to a state championship.


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        jeff_hostetler wrote: View Post
        That was a heartbreaker that one. Bosh gets it Raps win, it goes back to TO where they were gonna own Jersey.

        I remember too the TV cut to TJ on the bench right after the interception.

        I went to that game with my dad. Heartbreaker.
        "They're going to have to rename the whole conference after us: Toronto Raptors 2014-2015 Northern Conference Champions" ~ ezzbee Dec. 2014

        "I guess I got a little carried away there" ~ ezzbee Apr. 2015

        "We only have one rule on this team. What is that rule? E.L.E. That's right's, E.L.E, and what does E.L.E. stand for? EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY. Right there up on the wall, because this isn't just a basketball team, this is a lifestyle. ~ Jackie Moon