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It's Time For BARGNANI To Step Up!

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  • It's Time For BARGNANI To Step Up!

    If you have a minute to read, bare with me here:

    In 2006 when Andrea Bargnani became the first European to be drafted 1st overall, nobody was truly sure of what to expect from him. His impressive skill set for a player of his size was obviously what got him noticed while playing for Benetton Treviso in Italy.

    Following the 1998 NBA Draft, the eight NBA teams that passed up on Europe's most talented player, Dirk Nowitzki, were soon to be tantalized by his extraordinary skills for a 7-footer. Toronto was one of those teams, but they felt well compensated by the draft as their highlight reel machine Vince Carter was blossoming into a superstar.

    Nowitzki set the ceiling for a skilled, perimeter oriented big man. Thus it was no surprise that Andrea Bargnani was dubbed "the next Dirk" when he entered the league. This of course was a complete exaggeration, similar to players who have been ridiculously dubbed "the next Michael Jordan." These comparisons stem from a general curiosity of how well a player will play at the NBA level, which is of course extremely difficult to predict. Everyone becomes their own type of player once they establish themselves in the league. The question should be - how long does one take to establish himself? Because after that, other players begin getting compared to you.

    It has been well documented that "big men take longer to develop." As a result the management group, coaching staff and fans have all been very patient with Andrea. We've seen different dimensions added to his game each year (which is a tribute to his hard work). Over his four year career we've seen him transform from a strictly 3-point shooting big man to a multidimensional (shoot/drive&finish/pull up) offensive threat, with a new-found shot blocking mentality. He always lacked the ability to consistently rebound and help-defend. However with Colangelo's latest moves, it seems as though the 2010-2011 roster finally compliments Bargnani's weaknesses.

    With the Raptors beginning a new era without Vince Carter or Chris Bosh, the inevitable question becomes: can Andrea Bargnani become a franchise player? If not, then can he at least be a legitimate #1 option on offense, and a consistent anchor on defense.

    For a 7-foot player, Andrea Bargnani has:
    A) outstanding athleticism
    B) remarkable quickness
    C) terrific passing ability, shooting range, and running the fast break (all witnessed here)
    D) An effective low-post game & a decent defensive presence

    With that being said, 2010-2011 will be the season of opportunity for him. The team and city have never before relied on Andrea this much. He knows it too. And he's had 4 solid seasons to develop and prepare for it. So it will be a test of his character and a true showing of his potential. We all know he isn't "the next Dirk" but perhaps this year he'll find a way to make a name for himself, and one day down the road we'll hear scouts calling another talented young 7-footer "the next Bargnani."

    - bhattmagandhi

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