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What Center Should BC Pursue Now?

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    Mr.Grinch wrote: View Post
    i think trading someone or using the TPE for Greg Oden? he is a very good defenesive player.
    perfect fit...lots of upside and relatively cheap

    Greg Oden was playing like an all star before he injured himself. Is he an injury risk? Yes but the risk is little. Its not like the Raptors are contending now that the trio in Miami have locked the championship for the next 5 years


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      geebee wrote: View Post
      .... and one of the worst defences in the history of the NBA.
      ...which was not all the fault of the PGs. Again, if you're going to blame anyone, you have to blame everyone. If you want to pinpoint, having a big man who is below average defensively is probably the biggest killer to any defense.
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        To OP:
        Simple, the answer is none.

        We still have a big hole at SF since Kleiza is obviously not starter material. A nice deal for a starting SF is where BC should prioritize before making any other moves.


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          Pryzbilla's the perfect defensive centre to play with Bargni. Look at his stats they're better then chandlers on the rebound and block side.
          He basically average 8 rebounds and 1.5 blocks a game in 22-25 minutes a game. Besides being white he's a perfect fit for bargni. Also depends how he recovers from his injury.


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            from what ive herd hornets fans are mor eager to get rid of stojakovich he wouldnt be the bad because his contract expires this season so i want a collison+stojakovich for jose plus evans
            ya dun noe


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              Tim W. wrote: View Post
              The Raptors already have a center. Bargnani. No one has yet been able to make even a reasonable argument why Bargnani is not a center. Now if you're talking about getting a replacement for Bargnani, then I'm all for that.

              Yes, Jack and Calderon were so much of a failure last season that they ran one of the best offenses in the entire league. If your logic holds true, the Raptors have to trade every single member of the Raptors.
              It's not about putting a center with him, it's about putting a very strong rim protector beside him. The reason people say center is that the best rim protectors in the league almost always play the center position. If Josh Smith, Andrei Kirelenko, or Gerald Wallace were options, that would be ideal but it seems far more likely that we could get Dalembert or some other center to take some of the pressure of Bargs on the defensive end. You will probably respond by saying that Bargs will just end up being burned by the four we move him to guard, but we can't know that until he is actually moved to that position, which he has never played.
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                I agree with the "none" answer. I'm quite content with the PF/Cs we have now. The only issue is our logjam at PG with Jack/Calderon/Barbosa. A Barbosa+Belinelli package could yield a decent 3 in a trade imo. No reason to go after a centre.

                Raptors' current depth chart:

                PG: Jose/Jack/Barbosa/Banks
                SG: DeRozan/Weems/Belinelli/Jack/Barbosa
                SF: Linas Kleiza/Weems
                PF: Amir Johnson/Ed Davis/Kleiza/Reggie Evans/Dorsey
                C: Andrea Bargnani/Solomon Alabi/Amir Johnson

                You trade Barbosa+Belinelli (+Reggie?) for a decent 3 (we'll call him Bob for now):

                PG: Jose/Jack/Banks
                SG: DeRozan/Weems/Jack
                SF: Bob/Kleiza/Weems
                PF: Amir Johnson/Ed Davis/Kleiza/Reggie Evans/Dorsey
                C: Andrea Bargnani/Solomon Alabi/Amir Johnson

                Or perhaps a S&T for Josh Howard with the wizards (I don't think he's landed anywhere yet).


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                  dwayne jones !


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                    geebee wrote: View Post
                    Has it occurred to anyone that this was less about getting Diaw / Chandler and more about moving Calderon?
                    Thank you for being the one person here speaking some sense. We just invested money in Amir, and Bargnani's got years of big money left. I can't see BC moving either of those two, so why in the world would he pick up replacements?

                    All we're trying to do is move Jose. We're thin at the small forward position. If anything, we should be shooting for one of those.
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