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What's With All The Delusional Bargnani Fanboys?

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  • What's With All The Delusional Bargnani Fanboys?

    I'm seriously getting fed up with this s***. It's one thing to cheer, admire and worship a guy that's obviously got the potential (eg. Bargs in first year when we didn't know much about him) but after this season he's at best a 4-stringer on a team. Are you people blind, or Italian and feel compelled to big up your countryman? Sure he'll do even better this year because he's the only 1 this sad team has, but don't fool yourselves into thinking he's anywhere near Bosh's level. Shooting 3 pointers and taking days off when it's your time to shine isn't what future stars are made of. Every single time Bosh wasn't on the court Bargs had an opportunity to show what he's capable of but instead he ran away with his tail between his legs.

    I swear this coming season is going to be unbearable