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    Man you put too much stock on SL. Against the scrubs of scrubs isn't it natural that a legit NBA player would dominate? But that means nothing when it comes to the "real" games.
    I'm not implying that this will dictate their performances during the regular season. If DeMar averaged 20 ppg on 65%, he'd be MIP without a doubt.

    He'd be lucky to get 16 ppg on 47%.

    Fact is, you can tell that he's added new moves, and worked like crazy on his jumper. His 16 footer is money, whereas last year you could have flipped a coin on an open one. He's much, much more confident this year. Hasn't seemed to be very interested in rebounding or passing, and that does worry me a bit.

    I don't see how his ability to shoot during summer league won't translate to the regular season. It will. The defense will be "better" in the actual season, but he's also had fairly good shot selection. He's a very improved and polished version of himself last year.

    You'll see. Bar any trades that bring in dynamic scorers, I'd be surprised if he didn't have a few 30 point games. He does have it in him.
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