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Jose, Rubio And The Minnesota Timberwolves

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    yertu damkule wrote: View Post
    c'mon, tim. bargs will be, what, 25 at the start of the season? rubio will be 20 this fall, and likely 22 by the time he gets to the NBA (considering there's likely a lockout next year).

    5 years is an eternity.
    I'm not quite sure what 5 years has to do with anything. Is that their age difference you are referring to? I'm not quite sure what that has to do with anything.
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      Well, turns out I wasn't toooooo far off with my opinion Minny would entertain adding another guard like Jose! Well, maybe not now cuz Kahn just signed Luke Ridnour to 4 years at $16M earlier today:

      " president David Kahn put a priority on adding some experience to help the young Minnesota Timberwolves grow together. ...His first move with all that extra money was to add Ridnour, yet another point guard to a team that already has second-year pro Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions on the roster and hopes to add Ricky Rubio from Spain next season.

      The deal likely means that Sessions, who signed a contract nearly identical to Ridnour's last summer, will be traded."

      Decent price tag for a pretty good (not great) point guard. I guess Sessions is in play now...
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