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    The Young Gunz Dunkoff will debut TODAY! On AmirTV! @sonny13 @demar_derozan 14 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 5 others
    His location listed on his Twitter account is 43.668841,-79.392379 which is somewhere in Toronto (latitude and longitude)
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    Memories some so sweet, indeed

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    “As a captain, I played furiously. I drew a lot of fouls, but I brought everything I had to every practice and to every game. I left everything on the court because I simply wanted the team to win”
    Quote from well known personality who led their high school team to a state championship.

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    lol they doin it on amir tv to huh? seems like they marketing themselves pretty good these days....go young gunz!


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      The one thing I like about this bunch(which may be a totally different topic by itself) is the fact that we have a tight group of friends playing together. I can't recall in Raptors past having 5 guys pretty much the same age or closer that are close friends on and off the court which should result in better chemistry on the court as well.


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        you're right Hotshot! This is why I LOVE YG! I don't care if we have like a 30 win team this year, we will slowly collect pieces that want to play with this core. This family, this tight group of players, best building block this franchise has ever seen.


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          I am sure Kleiza, Bargnani and Belli all going to hookup together and play PS3....

          come to think of it, the Raptors are slowly becoming less european eccentric which does limits the misunderstading and the division that plaugued the locker room last season.


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              i agree hotshot. i love the bond thats forming with these guys, including JJ and hopefully Davis and Alabi, which i think theyll include in the group coz theyre all pretty much the same age.

              There are two sides to every coin tho, it might not bode well with the other players on the team coz theyre forming "cliques" but hopefully theyll be all mature enough to realize that they all should have a common goal and thats to win.