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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - The Day Hedo Was Traded

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    Doug Smith comments regarding Hedo:

    He has to be better

    Hedo Turkoglu, that is.

    That was exactly the kind of game he had to take over and he didn’t and unless they start getting more and getting it more often from him, there’s no way they do anything other than muddle through.

    Now, you know I never think one game’s entirely on one guy but, c’mon man, do something.

    Go off for 30. Get a bit selfish. Take 20 shots.

    Do something.

    The big free agent signing’s been good some nights but never really great and it’s time he has one of those great games everyone’s expecting.

    I know it’s not lost on his coaches, and I’m sure it’s not lost on his teammates. They are disappointed and know he can do so much more. A couple people with titles are already making mention of it in private conversations; nothing too harsh but the criticisms are there. And they might get louder.

    I think he will improve and have a greater impact on a greater number of games. But I think he better do pretty soon or the grumblings are going to get louder.

    Don’t know for sure if he needs as one insider put it “a foot up his ass every minute of every day,” but something has to start getting through to him.

    I know he’s got more game than he’s shown, I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it and the folks who gave him a $53 million contract have sure seen it.

    About time we see it again.
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      Re: the Smith blog...

      While I concur that Turk has been less than advertised, I think one has to concede that he is the new guy on the team with some fairly established members in the pecking order (Bosh, Calderon, Bargs). Jack is another ball handler. So, unless there is a team meeting before last night's game and there was an explicit mention of how the game was to evolve (Triano asks that Hedo handle the ball much more) given the injury circumstances it would be difficult for HT to demand such fundamental change on the fly. I dont believe its his nature nor would it be successful done without any pre-planning (the team buying into it as well as some set plays).

      As far as I am concerned I put it down to coaching descisions...either not recognizing a change needs to be made or some other agenda...either way something needs to be done. Unless he is on some substance, HT did not morph into a non-player from his obvious accomplishments the last couple of years. And its also not been 2 mos. yet.