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Jay Triano - Las Vegas Summer League Video

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  • Jay Triano - Las Vegas Summer League Video

    Triano "We (Bargnani you) have to get better defensively"

    If his team defense doesn't improve in the first half of 2010-11 it wouldn't surprise me if BC tried to ship Bargnani out before the trade deadline.

    Calderon is on the block because of his porous defense and Bargnani could be right behind him.
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    I can't see BC shipping Bargnani out this year or possibly ever. I think this is going to be a trying year for Bargs to see if he can take on somewhat of a leadership role and try to establish himself as a "star" on this team.

    I think Calderon is on the block for several reasons besides his defensive abilities, or lack thereof, i.e. contract. I know Jay wants us to be a good defensive team this year, but he also made a point of "emphasizing" defense last year, and how did that turn out?


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      I think he's going to keep Dorsey. I also have to admit that I'm not seeing what others are seeing in Solomon Alabi, I was looking for him to have Dorsey-type hustle and intensity but so far he's not bringing it.


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        dorsey has been impressive same with bobby brown


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          We should keep Dorsey on the roster and ship Alabi to the D-league. He just needs more in-game experience, and he won't be getting that by riding the pine as our 12th man. He's still very raw and sometimes looks a bit lost. But you can't forget that he's a project, and is still probably 2-3 years away from contributing.


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            One has to take into account that Alabi has only been playing basketball for about 7 yrs. total. That is about half of what others (draftees or not) have been playing at least. So we must hope that with a bit of high level-intensity competition his growth gets accelerated. Putting on the right weight and practice time for at least a year should give a better indication about what kind of player the team has. I am surprised at his jump shot and fts on the offensive side....but doesnt run the floor very well (shuffles/drags his feet). I still remember Dorsey from this Memphis days in the tournament...he was amazing defensively (like a man among boys which doesnt quite hold the same weight in the pros). He would be more productive than Reggie.

            I wonder what Triano is doing to improve his coaching ?


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              Triano's Coaching

              If there is one thing about Triano, it is that he is always learning. He has a pretty expansive coaching staff that will be organized and have its objectives clear come training camp. He is getting better at handling the in-game situations. The key for him is to motivate the players to show up and play their hardest everyday. Sometimes, that is personnel, more than the coach. This year's team had better be more committed. Weems, Derozen, etc. are a little younger and more enthusiastic. Not getting Diaw was a blessing in this regard.


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                Dorsey looks like he could handle NBA minutes. Very good rebounding and isn't going to be pushed around. He seems to know whats going on around him and makes good decisions. I'd want him on my team if I was playing.


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                  Dleague for Alabi, Dorsey is very intriguing and maybe we should keep him. Bargnani is untouchable. BC really wants to see him show his worth, no matter the amount of time. On the other hand if he fails to improve significantly now with the departure of Bosh. He never will.
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