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Raptors On Rudy's Wish List?

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    glAMIRizer wrote: View Post
    I like the idea of aquiring Rudy, he is a talented still young slasher, that I think will be able to help at the 2 and maybe the 3. Think if we could get him for a Belli type it would be worth it.
    Right now we're probably looking at one of Jack or Calderon leaving to make room for Barbosa. He's probably going to eat minutes at the 1 and 2. Unless something changes, Weems is looking to have to play significant reserve minutes at the 3. This leaves a hole on the bench at the 2. Rudy could fill that slot. Someone made a good point about how he's had problems in the past when not getting enough minutes. If I'm mistaken this problem originated with the consistency of the minutes. I think Jay has done a good job in the past with seeing that guys in the rotation received consistent minutes.


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      Only if he takes Belli's spot on the roster. We need starters on just about every position.


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        JalenRose5 wrote: View Post
        We just dont need another white guy!
        Because Hoffa, POB and Fred Jones are white? I thought they weren't. Talk about stereotyping.


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          bryan colangelo wrote: View Post
          Already offered Belinelli for Rudy.

          I've decided to stop obsessing over Italians. I'm gay for Spanish players now.

          -Bryan Colangelo.
          hahaha nice job man, I find your "quotes" hilarious, keep em comin'.


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            He's like Belinelli version 1.01!!!
            Raptors fan for life....sadly.


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              I thought the thread title meant Rudy Gay so I was disappointed when I opened it.
              RR OG


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                James Ballswin (Realizar) wrote: View Post
                I thought the thread title meant Rudy Gay so I was disappointed when I opened it.
                hahahahahahahaahaha i was thinkin the same thing
                Your ex came by; you can call me Jonas Valanciunas, cause I'm the king of rebounds!


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                  he's now on the trade block.

                  This was Rudy himself explained to MD. "Portland is willing to make a 'trade' and the truth is that in this respect I am pleased that they want to. Now we must find a team where I can play an important role or where the dynamics may have had in Portland first year, "he said after training with the Spanish national team in Las Palmas.
                  What remains to be decided is, therefore, what will his new team, and this influence two determinants. On the one hand, the player claims to have a role commensurate with his talent and, secondly, that what Portland receives in return is to the liking of McMillan. Rudy said in this sense that "I do not discard any equipment, do not think we should rule out anything, but talk, and you have to do the best choice and the best way out. My agent and I have our preferences, but this is develop between and me. "
                  It is recalled that just last week, when the selection was made in Madrid, Rudy said "I have a contract with Portland and my future is there, something that seems very far from the current situation and the will of the player. What it does is that he repeated "I do not get dates or limits to know my future.
                  getting him could help us to acquire rubio too.

                  Everyone knows that Rudy and Ricky are great friends. In Las Palmas in the same room as the Mallorcan hotel and not hide it if it took the remote option of returning to Europe would be nice to reunite with him. "We have a 'feeling' special, we're like brothers, we've known since we were very young and if I can be with him in the team is a pleasure.
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                  Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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                    Rudy Being Shopped

                    At the urging of Rudy Fernandez and his agent, the Trail Blazers have engaged in accelerated trade discussions to deal the disgruntled, once-popular shooting guard to one of three Eastern Conference teams.

                    Boston, Chicago and New York are all in the running to land the 6-foot-6 Spaniard, who set an NBA rookie record two seasons ago by making 159 three-pointers.

                    Fernandez, 25, is unhappy in Portland because of limited playing time behind All-Star Brandon Roy and because of the playing style of coach Nate McMillan, who primarily used Fernandez as an outside shooter, not the playmaker Fernandez believes he can be in the NBA.


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                      I like Rudy, he's more consistent than Belinelli, but it's a duplication of sorts. Then again, what would Portland want for Fernandez. That's a big question. I can see a Chandler for Fernandez swap.


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                        Rudy wants out. Looking to be traded to Eastern conference.

                        Two questions:
                        1) Should Colangelo try and make a push for Rudy?
                        2) How does he do this? i.e. offer more to Portland than Boston, Chicago, or New York can give

                        The only trade I could figure out is sending part of the Turkoglu trade exeption, though not sure that is enough incentive for Portland. Does Portland have any bad contracts they want to get rid of? Camby (only 2 years, so wouldn't devastate us)? Also if this move was made we would definitely have to start shipping out some guards. And Jack might have to be the one being traded as playing with Calderon may be an incentive for Rudy. Maybe we would have enough assets to trade for a true center?

                        Trading Jack, however, may have a negative impact on team chemistry as he seems to have a good relationship with the Young Gunz. Is there a way to keep both Jack & Jose? We keep Jose in order to have him and Rudy together, or does this inspire another Euro clique? Jack could play with Rudy in the starting 5 so that Rudy's playmaking skills could be utilized, and Jose comes off the Bench to play with Amir, with whom he showed great chemistry last year, and throw alley-oops to Sonny and Demar.

                        Starting Five- Bargs, Kleiza, Jack, Rudy, + center
                        Bench- Amir, Davis, Demar, Sonny, Jose

                        Not a great starting 5, but a great bench.

                        I tried this:

                        Only reason it doesn't work is because of trade restriction, which is lifted mid-way through Sept.

                        Raptors lose the TPE from the Bosh trade, but we get two expiring contracts- which is good in case Rudy doesn't play well. Curry may be a nice temp for the C position. Again, expiring contract. We also get rid of 3 guards.

                        Portland gets 3 expiring contracts, and Belli or Gallinari can fill in the play Rudy's role anyways. They also now have an Italian clique in Portland.

                        NY gets an expiring in Reggie, a big man to make up for Currry (though they'd need to get another C), and Barbosa, with whom Dantoni + Stoudemire are very familiar.