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Young Raptors Go To 4-0 - Cousins Almost Blows a Fuse

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  • Young Raptors Go To 4-0 - Cousins Almost Blows a Fuse

    1. Davis looks like he has finally gotten his legs under him and was a blocking machine. He also ran the floor a lot better in this game then in the other three. He continued to show a nice shooting touch. However, his lack of muscle continues to show. Now in his defense as was mentioned on the telecast he was not able to work out for months while recovering from his broken wrist surgery. So I expect that he will get stronger and we should see this added strength come October.

    2. DeRozan played another excellent all around game and continued to be very efficient on the offensive end getting to the free throw line 13 times on 12 field goal attempts, making 6 of 12 FGA and finishing with a game high 22.

    3. Weems - Played a little out of control on the offense and it seemed to me that he forced his offense more than he should have reverting to what we saw in 09-10. He finished 6 of 19 from the field. He continues to show excellent ball handling skills and added some very nice passes. He finished with 3 assists. I look for the Raptors to take advantage of this once November rolls around.

    4. Alabi - Another excellent game on both ends of the court. This guy continues to impress me at both ends of the court. If he has a good October I can see him being part of the regular rotation come November.

    Cousins - We all know that physically this guy is a beast, big and strong. He is also extremely talented with a nice shooting touch and good footwork on offense. Top notch rebounder.

    A big red flag went up in the first half. He did not have a good first half at all shooting something like 1 for 10. Eventually he did get it together in the second half.

    However, in the first half for the first time in his very young NBA career he was very frustrated. He almost blew a fuse. You could see the anger and frustration in his face and body language. At one point after a Kings bucket he intentionally shoved Dorsey off the court. A bush league play to say the least. Dorsey did not retaliate. Eventually Cousins fouled out with a couple of minutes remaining. The game was close at the time when Cousins went to the bench for the last time. Once there he started smiling laughing and joking around.

    Two very negative things about him became very clear in this game

    1. He is still very immature
    2. The veterans are going to get into his craw plenty once November rolls around. I expect him to blow more than one fuse out there. How he deals with all of this only time will tell. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see him start making extra trips to McDonalds.

    I am predicting it right now. Unless he can get his emotions and temper under control he will eat his way out of the league. By the same token if can get his emotions and temper under control he will become an all-star.
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