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    Ahh..the Bobcat trade that never was, It would've been sweet to improve the 2 holes in our team at the centre/small forward position.
    Since we all know that trade did not come to fruition, and I'm not comfortable with Kleiza/ Dwayne Jones handling big minute at the 5/3 spot, so I'm pulling out some possibilities to improve our "situation"

    -Rodney Carney: Good athlete, can shoot 3, decent defender (He fits the young gunz mold to a tee, unproven but athletic)

    -Wilson Chandler: NYdailynews reported that Chandler might be on the way out, and I'm sure NY would like at least one of our point guards. So much has been made of Felton not being the best fit for D'antoni's system which requires a PG that can shoot to space out the floor, think about it, wouldn't Jose flourish in that system?

    -Marvin Williams: Hawks are reported shopping him, he makes an avg of 7.5 mil a year, avg 10 pts, 5 rb a game (add that to his price tag, now he almost seems too expensive) but at least he's a starter on a playoff team.
    ATL's PG Mike Bibby is almost washed up, again I'm sure they would like some of our PG in case teague isn't ready for the big time.

    -Thaddeus Young: Sixers was a team that was desperate to clear out some salaries, and they haven't done much to address that situation, with Evan turner and Iggy taking up the wing spots, Elton and his massive contract+Marresse Speight holding down the PF position, seems to me that Thad would be the odd man out.

    -Donte Greene: Probably not available, just a personal favorite. Yes I would like my SF to be 6'11.
    Young, athletic, can shoot 3, Sounds like he fit right in with them young gunz.

    I'm gonna look into who's available centre-wise, and with any luck we should be able to put dwayne Jones back on the bench where he belongs.
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    Finally!!! A wish list of players that is actually realistic for once! Enough of this Chris Paul to the Raptors for garbage. Seriously. People need to scan the boards a bit before they post stuff like that.

    Thaddeus Young or Wilson Chandler would be great, and are at least realistic given the pieces that we have to offer and the needs of the team those players are on (point guards). I don't know how available either of them are, but I full on endorse trying to acquire them. Young would be my first choice, as he's younger, plays better defense and is a better shooter.

    Indeed. Let's get Thaddeus Young.


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      This is a well thought out list and what i like about it most is its realistic. I guess only time will tell if one of these situations work out. My personal favourites out of his list is the Philly and ATL ones although im not sure how Williams is at defending but he cant be too bad.


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        I like the idea of Thad young he would be great and fit the youth movement of this team, another guy i like, although he is not much of a scorer i like Mbaha Moute he would help alot on the defensive end.


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          Marvin Williams would be great to have .
          "Hello, Hello !.....You Play to Win the GAME!!"

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