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Is Matt Barnes The Best Perimeter Defender In Raptors History?

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    It is ridiculous to even consider handing over the title of "Best perimeter defender in Raptors history" over to a player who is yet to actually play a game for the team.

    Many sports writers, annalists, pundits and Raptors fans alike are too keen on prematurely crowing, comparing and classifying athletes.

    Note, I am not taking anything away from Matt Barnes. I think he is a solid defender and a good "glue" guy with a great motor. Yet, defending is all about want to, communication and help. The tenacious defensive effort Barnes put forth while in Orlando may have been a result of the teams success as a legitimate championship contender. Perhaps the luxury of Dwight Howard's shot blocking aloud Barnes the freedom to roam around and cut off passing lanes?

    Bottom line is that Raptors fans have been scorned too many times to continue to expect equal or greater production from free agents who come to the team following successful free agent campaigns - Hedo Turkoglu should serve as a bitter reminder.

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      it's ashame he won't be a raptor anytime soon.
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        Didn't someone anoint Hedo as the "best" free agent signing ever...or the "best" point forward...or the "best" shot creator...or the "best" all-around forward....did I miss any? I forget which one I chose!

        I am through providing kudos before the player has even put on a Raptor top nevermind see if he ends up a good fit on a team with so many new faces again. Not that I am particularly against the signing but Matt Barnes has not played exceptional when on mediocre teams. Maybe thats why he has been on 6 teams in 6-7 yrs.

        Edit: Apologies "Get high Monkey", just saw your note
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          Dumb thread... dont believe everything you read on twitter.


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            No worries "Bendit" - as far as I'm concerned you can never have too many people echoeing the "wait and see" testimate.

            That point you make about Barnes playing on "6 teams in 6-7 years" is notable. I always find it interesting that teams aquire "journey-man players" with the idealistic view that a new team/coach/city will be the catalyst for success. I compare this philosophy to that of romantic relationships - when a man thinks he can "wife down" a promiscuous woman or vice-a-versa.

            Hopefully the Raptors relationship with Matt Barnes doesn't end with the contents of his locker being thrown out a window, on-to the street, by Brian Colangelo!


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              Hopefully he justs sings here period. Doug Christie is the best raptors perimeter defender period. If barnes does manage to come here and perform well then he may get the number 2 spot but i don't see him surpassing christie.

              ps. i really hope the barnes deal works out. we need someone who will mug paul pierce!
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                Another vote for Doug C. That's an easy one.
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