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The DeMar & Sonny Takeover?

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  • The DeMar & Sonny Takeover?

    "Me & @Sonny13 up next!!"


    Let's get it!!!!!!!!!!!
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      maybe, only time will tell


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        i think only derozan will be a good player dont know about sonny
        ya dun noe


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          What's funny is that someone showed Vince Carter this picture on twitter and VC said that it was hot and that he really liked it.

          I think Sonny will be an all-star cusp player, but that only depends on the success of the Raptors. He puts in the work and the tools are there for both these guys, if they continue to live in the gym and make eachother better.


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            I hope so both these guys have the potentail !!
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            Herm Edwards


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              Extend Weems now- 3y/10m.

              YG'z is where it's at for the Raptor's!!


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                honestly right now im not even caring about winning anymore. i wanna see young gunz run that court and run some baller plays. put on the show!!


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                  Two thoughts on Sonny Weems:

                  1. Weems could be the second coming of Tmac. A player with great potential who toiled on the bench for several years, but when given the chance shows everyone he's superbly talented doesn't disappoint.


                  2. Weems is a player with the heart of a lion but has maxed out his ceiling and will be at best a role player.

                  I believe he is the latter. He's superiorly athletic, instinctively sharp, and hard working, however, limited potential moving forward. I hope I'm wrong.
                  "Winning isn't every thing, it's the only thing."


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                    This is going to come off a little Doug Smith-ish

                    I love DD and Weems, I think they're two young guys who are having a lot of fun on a team that needs to lighten up a little.

                    That being said, DD and Weems haven't shown us that they are ready in any way to lead a team to a playoff spot, or any credible type of play that will translate to wins. Don't come at me with summer league either, we all know that summer league isn't the NBA.

                    Currently they remind me of the Clip show a couple years back when they weren't about the wins, but man they were fun to watch.

                    Maturity is a big issue here. DD twitting 'Don't worry Toronto, I got this' doesn't make him the future of the franchise. Nor does photoshopping yourself with Weems with a Vince and T-mac background. Leave the twitting and young gunz antics alone for a while, focus on the coach, the system, the game, the win.

                    Time to play boys, show us what you got!

                    Here's to a fun season
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                      The picture is the perfect definition of "jumping the gun". Sonny needs to worry about Barbosa because he's certainly ahead in the depth chart. He should also hope Colangelo doesn't have a move up his sleeve on the level of Barnes(that will work) because if that happens Sonny won't be seeing much sunshine.


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                        I'm not sure where all this Weems is the next T-Mac business started about. Here's what Weems is: A strong defender who enjoys dunking and shooting from mid range. He is never going to average 30 points a game. He can't take over a game. But why does he have to?

                        Weems showed he was a solid role player last season, and I hope that this season he continues to be one - just a bit better. If you add some range to his jumper, increase his motivation to hit the glass, and reduce his shot chucking, then he becomes a formidable back-up SG/SF. And that's what we should be expecting this season.


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                          I don't want to take the wind out of anyone's sails but T-Mac posted 32PPG at age 23, was already a three-time All-Star, made two All-NBA 1st teams and one 2nd team, won a scoring title and was a 6 year vet. Sonny is entering his third season at age 24...Waiting to fill in the blanks...


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                            Weems coming of age is short lived. If he was an impact player that was going to light it up this season, he would have tore up summer league. Sure he was good and it is only summer league but that is precisely the point. An NBA caliber player with three years experience should have dominated those games. At best Weems is a 6th man or solid backup. He's got heart but has almost peeked.
                            "Winning isn't every thing, it's the only thing."


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                              Excellent post Courtside. Who's that in your avatar?