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Colangelo Speaks To Season-Tix Holders (July 20/10)

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    Does anybody remember the Turk fiasco? He went out to a club that had just European Raptors. The fact that the team was divided off the court was a problem.

    I am sorry, but if you can't hang with the young gunz off the court, then your not part of the future of this team. We want to model this team after OKC (the tighest team off the court) so having players that want to hang with each other is imperative.
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      I disagree...a good relationship between players is needed, but I don't think that hang off the courts has to be an imperative to be a succesfull team...


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        good read....
        The Barnes thing does not wash with me....

        He should have known about the Magic not being able to give Barnes that kind of money.
        Basic CBA rule...Heck people on this site where like how is this deal going through...

        He should have a list of players who fall into this sign and trade category and he did not...

        I have always been a BC guy but this is black mark...Not so much because we did not get Barnes but because he proved he was a sleep behind the wheel.


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          Players don't need to hang together off the court it's all about respecting one another, the team goals and competing as a team to win games. Players usually range in age plus some have families or just different outside interests. A team meal once in awhile is a good idea but it's a choice thing not a force thing.

          If players see certain players (Bargnani) getting treated with kid gloves and not being held accountable for their on court mistakes that could cause some division among the players. Jack & Wright both wondered alound in the media wtf was Jay doing in relation to payer accountability. It starts at the top w/ MLSE who delegates Basketball operations to BC trickles then down through the Head coach to the players. Put players in a structured enviorment where they know what to expect and are held accountable, they will most likely play cognitive team basketball otherwise you'll have the Raptor's circus, sponsored by BC, which ends up with Bargnani as the Franchise player.


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            Matt52 wrote: View Post
            Gamebreaker - thanks, best read of the off-season thus far.

            I wonder who he is thinking of regarding the one player who brings it all together?

            If MLSE gets rid of him, they are a fool. His decisions at the time have been applauded (JO, Turk) but when they don't work out he is damned. The greatest thing about BC is he admits failure and usual gets a positive out of it - he did it with JO, Marion, and now Turk.
            still don't understand how marion was a failure
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