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Raps Not Making The Playoffs?

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    on paper to me the worst rosters in the east look like are ours, detroit's, charlotte's, and indiana's.

    i can bump charlotte out of that group on account of larry brown, so i can see us battling with detroit and indiana for spots 13 through 15.

    i'll split the difference and vote 14.

    but the season never plays out the way it should on paper... i can see one or two of those teams underachieving or battling injury's, and maybe we'll finish 11-13.

    no way we finish higher than that though, as the roster stands today.


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      My guess would be

      1. Miami
      2. Orlando
      3. Chicago
      4. Atlanta
      5. Boston
      6. Milwaukee
      7. Cleveland
      8. Indiana
      9. Toronto
      10. Detroit
      11. New York
      12. Charlotte
      12. Philadelphia
      13. Washington
      14. New Jersey

      I think people underestimate Cleveland's potential to win regular season games, and Indiana and Detroit could be much improved if their squads stay healthy. Toronto is going to have a lot more competition for that last spot in the playoffs than people think. In my opinion this is a good thing.


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        x post with mo-sales yeah, philly, washington, and nj will all be way better than they were last year.


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          oh shit i totally forgot about cleveland! they're at the bottom with our group, for sure!


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            Cav's will battle NJ's win total from last year. Thier best players are Mo Williams and Jamison, that is truly scary.

            Any team in the East can hypothetically fill out 7/8 playoff spots. It will come to who stays healthy, who actually cares (Amare) and which rookies/sophomores come out the gate guns blazing.