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Projected Playoff Teams EC 2010-11

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    raptors wont make the playoffs for sure
    Last edited by Hassan; Mon Jul 26, 2010, 10:38 AM.
    ya dun noe


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      Mr.Grinch wrote: View Post
      LOL! u forgot chicago on you rlist! and put in New jersey?lol!hassan are u alright?lol! i know basketball is not really your sport, its cricket!lol.i kid
      lol my bad i forgot about them

      by the way is this Fid?
      ya dun noe


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        1. miami
        2. orlando
        3. chicago
        4. boston (division winners)
        5. atlanta

        6. milwaukee

        the bucks didn’t get markedly better in the offseason (unless you count magette and gooden ‘markedly better’), but if they’re healthy i think i have to pencil them in here. x-factor: is this the year the team gets tired of being yelled at and quits on skiles, as his teams have done in the past?

        up in the air:
        7. philadelphia
        8. new york.

        7 and 8 will be fought for between philly, washington, nj, and ny. i like philly’s talent and athleticism best but have no confidence whatsoever in doug collins unless he’s in a broadcasting booth (seriously he’s coached some of the all time greats and his teams have never achieved anything). and i think ny can be better with felton pushing the ball and d’antoni getting the most out of amare.

        fighting not to be last: us, cleveland, detroit, indiana, and charlotte.


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          Priest wrote: View Post
          Can People explain why some of you keep putting NJ ahead and even into a playoff picture?
          i think nj is in a much better spot for a bunch of reasons. firstly, they were nowhere near as bad as their record last year. they started 0-17 largely due to a ton of injuries, fired a decent head coach, then replaced him with a shitty one who they’ve since severed ties with completely. but i think the biggest factor was that it’s just really hard to get motivated when you’re in an 0-17 hole.

          i’m not a huge avery johnson fan, but (like skiles) he demands accountability and his teams will play hard for him. for a couple years, at least. they also added a top three pick (admittedly a project but still an upgrade over yi) and made some sensible signings. and they have an owner willing to spend whatever it takes, with the cap space to spend it in the future.

          they are miles ahead of us


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            (7-8 wide open like last year)


            10.Toronto (I actually think this team can finish 9th for the 3rd straight year)
            13.New York
            15.New Jersey
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              What?? What has Boston done bad to warrant such a large drop, the same to Atlanta. And how is Milwaukee rated so high in your opinion? They are a decent team, not great. And I don't know Toronto as being a playoff team just yet.
              Raptors fan for life....sadly.