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Triano Wants Us to Shoot More Threes

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  • Triano Wants Us to Shoot More Threes

    Ugh .... I think the motto "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" doesn't apply here.

    Do you not think adjustments are required considering our "bread & butter" the three pointer has struggled this season? So how does shooting the three make more sense? I'm really starting to question Triano.

    Triano wants the team to shoot a lot more threes (even though they can't hit the broad side of a barn lately).

    Chris Bosh doesn't think teammates shooting more threes will be bad for his game. "No, I'll be more open and I'll kick out from double-teams." Bosh didn't give defence of other teams any credit for the drop in three-point shooting percentage. Said it's all on the team just missing shots and having bad spacing.
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    Shooting more threes ...

    Shooting more threes might actually loosen the shooters up enough to make it look like a good idea. But what it probably is, is desperation disguised as a 'plan' of some sort. Instead of working on an actual offensive system where there are designed plays that can be improvised on, depending on who's defending and how ... let's just stand behind the arc and shoot more from back there.

    It's making me crazy.
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      Hmm, so basically more jump shots, just lower percentage ones.


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        I like the idea of more three pointers ... so long as it isn't Antoine Wright or DeMar DeRozan taking them.

        The Raptors are only 9th in the league in attempts. They're shooting 36.7% (also 9th), so they're efficient enough from downtown to take more attempts.


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          I'm glad Triano was only kidding. Or at least so far today he was. The guys have only attempted 10 three pointer's so far.