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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    Bosh brought a lot more to the table than 20 something points and 10 rebounds. More goes into this than into a fantasy basketball team. Who's going to get to the line 8-10 times a game? Who draws the double teams? Who develops the consistency game to game that allows the Raptors to still be in the game going into the fourth quarter? Who steps up and becomes a leader in the locker room and on the court because we can say what we want about him as a leader but no one on the team questioned or challenged his leadership.
    All of the other guys on the team. They were overshadowed by Bosh's presence. It doesn't have to be one person. Was Bosh really a leader in the dressing room, or are we made to believe that because he was the best player? His ego got in the way of his leadership abilities. His teammates realized that they needed him, and he knew that as well. So no one questioned him, because they knew he was immature, out for himself, and would sulk. Their only strategy to winning with him on the squad, was to let him continue on as he was. Never once have I read Chris Bosh gave it to his team last night after their poor performance. But I have read how he left the locker room in a prissy little fuss. That is not a leader, that is a primadonna who has always gotten his way.

    Everyone has to step up, but I do believe we will be better. Hopefully we can pick up something before training camp!