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Will The Raptors Be Able To Content Next Season? Should They?

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  • Will The Raptors Be Able To Content Next Season? Should They?

    Many prognosticators have written the Raptors off for next reason. Some think that they will not be very competitive, some think that they will be competitive but not make the playoffs, etc, etc.

    The question that everyone should be asking is what should the Raptors do for next season. My opinion is that they will be competitive but will loose more than they win. They will be fun to watch at times and maddening at others. The young nucleus of DeRozan, Weems, Davis, Johnson, and Bargnani although unproven it's something to be excited about. Maybe someone will even emerge as the Raptors next leader.

    The one thing that I do not want to see Colangelo do this off-season is add players that will require a lot of playing time and take away court time from the aforementioned players. I would even suggest starting Weems at small forward to see what he can really bring to the table. Even though he is undersized in terms of traditional SF standards he has the athleticism to cover any small forward in the league.

    Colangelo has been very cautious about calling this upcoming season a rebuilding season. Admitting to your paying customers that you are rebuilding might not be a prudent marketing move but its honest and it also sets the right expectations. The Raptors will not content the next three seasons (unless an unforeseen trade happens). By contention I mean having the chance to win a playoff round or two. Why not say that the team we have now will be competitive and these five players (Davis still has to prove his mettle) will grow to be the teams core nucleus.

    I would be exited about this. If Colangelo pulls off another useless trade to prove he is worth an extension this upcoming year and the result of the move takes away playing time from our young players then it hurts the term long term success with temporary mediocracy.

    I do not know about the rest of you but I had enough of this the past seven years....

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    nope they should do it the right way this time, allow our youth to get meaniful playing time and rebuild through the draft its the only way in my mind were going ot be able to be a contending team in the future as attracting free agents and keeping them isnt our strong suit