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  • Article: "How The Toronto Raptors Measure Up"

    In Toronto there have been calls for the Raptors to blow-it-all-up or make significant additions to the roster, and with their President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo only making news because of failed trades recently, there is little confidence being expressed about the team's chances next season.

    There are no free agents left who would make a significant impact on the Raptors fortunes and even the recent failed trades look a lot like grasping at straws. While adding a veteran player would create some buzz and possibly provide a stronger line-up at the start of the season, the players the Raptors have been looking at so far offer little more than experience over what the team has now.

    Colangelo has made it clear that his goal remains making the playoffs next season and that he is prepared to trade the team's starting point guard Jose Calderon to upgrade the roster. Plus, the Raptors have a $14.5 million traded player exception from the Chris Bosh move to Miami, so no one should be surprised if the Raptors line-up under goes further changes by September.

    This is a big article and I couldn't post the whole thing, just the intro. Please click the link to read more.

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    Good article interesting closing paragraph.

    The current Raptors roster is not given much hope to make the playoffs next season, and there are even reports that the betting line for the team is under 30 wins. But that is the safe assumption; this team has several players with something to prove who could be in-line for break-out seasons, and if the Raptors jell as a team, they could be a lot bfetter than projected. Competing for the eighth and final playoff spot is not out of the question.
    Source: Apollo's Link

    It would be a nice surprise if we were to contend for a playoff spot. I think we are going to have a strong bench, but i don't want to get my hopes up that we have a break out season.
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      Based on Jay's current track record I don't have much faith in him putting all together with all the new and important faces.