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Did Derozan Just Diss Bosh On Twitter?

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  • Did Derozan Just Diss Bosh On Twitter?

    What do u make of this tweet... lol maybe reading too much into it

    This is from his twitter feed:
    This how I'm feeling
    The picture says "Loyal"
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    I don't get it... it does say loyal?


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        I think u are reading way too much into this.


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          It says Loyalty.
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            he's also wearing a NY yankees cap.


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              playmak3r5 wrote: View Post
              What do u make of this tweet... lol maybe reading too much into it

              This is from his twitter feed:

              The picture says "Loyal"

              Maybe you're drunk and should have waited a few hours before posting this dumb-ass thread.
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                I love DeMar's attitude. Raptors brass needs to continue making the young guns feel at home. They're pieces to the puzzle that need to be retained long term.


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                  Definately not a diss to Bosh.


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                    Never see me out cus I live in my work place..

                    about 15 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by you and 11 others

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                    Memories some so sweet, indeed

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                      On sort of a related topic ... I was thinking last night about whatever damage, if any, Bosh’s remarks about smelly Toronto (jk - Toronto smells better than most places I've been) and the rest of what he said, could actually do to the psyches of the younger guys here. Why? ‘Cause, just like most any young twenty-something year olds, stuff like that could play on their minds a bit (just one more reason I’m thinking that Bosh is an asshole, these days). Like, I’d bet the next time they get off the plane after arriving in Toronto, they sniff the air with a bit more focus (and I’m lol’ing, but they will), imagining to themselves that, ‘ya, it DOES smell a bit different’. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for Colangelo to arrange to have some former Raptors who came here from the U.S. to swing by and talk about their OWN memories ... to balance off what they recently read about what Bosh said. There are a few ex-Raptors who he could target, but a former player like Damon Stoudamire for example - I know he’s with Memphis now, but he’d probably do it, if asked - wanted out back then, but later sounded like he quite regretted asking to leave as he (more or less) said that he hadn’t realized how good a thing he’d had going on here. And I’d bet there are others who’d also be effective for the purpose. The young Raptors here now won’t likely say anything about what Bosh said, but again, it is the kind of thing that could play on their minds a bit. Doing something like paying for return airfares for a few former Raptors to come and hang out for a day or two, couldn’t hurt. Just a thought.
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                        kind of odd like how randomly he wants to say hes loyal to the club so you never know maybe it is a message to bosh and the rest of the big 3
                        ya dun noe


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                          I don't think it's a diss to Bosh at all. It could be that he's loyal to his family and/or to his friends.


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                            a guy on the subway got caught in the door this morning, and yelled out "AH FUCK!!"

                            was that a subtle diss to bosh too?

                            fuck bosh. he's gone. nothing has to be about him anymore... why cant this just be about derozan and his personal principles? period.

                            stop hoping for drama that isnt there, and enjoy the fact that we have a kid from compton with real character on our team, and seems to enjoy playing here, and genuinely enjoys competition and teamwork.


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                              And whats with the Yankees ballcap. Another wannabe maybe? He is from LA and TO so I dont understand this NYY preoccupation. Cant see how that pic/potrait can be construed as anything of significance. The fact of the matter is that DD has zero control contractually for the next few years so loyalty is not a choice for him. I'd rather he be "loyal" to his life's principles...being the best bb player and person he can be. As far as the Bosh spat goes, only CB and BC know exactly what went down. His departure is not the's HOW it went down on several fronts...hypocrisy/untruthfulness being one of them.