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    I decided to thread this up for all those who want to know who are the players currently under contract, since their was some confusion as to whether or not JDorsey was under contract, w/ TO. The 16 players listed below are currently under contract w/ Toronto. This roster looks totally deformed. BC has some moves to make- hopefully he makes the right ones- time will tell.

    C: ABargnani, #DAnderson,*DJones, SAlabi
    PF: AJohnson, EDavis, #REvans, *JDorsey
    SF: LKleiza, #SWeems
    SG: DDeRozan, LBarbosa, #MBellineli
    PG: JCalderon, JJack, #MBanks

    * Raptor's have contract options on both JDorsey & DJones that have to be extended sometime in November & August respectively, in order to become fully guaranteed contracts. Rap's are considering letting DJones go if they can sign someone like LAmundson.

    # Expiring contracts.
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