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Current Raptors 2010-2011 Depth Chart (Update)

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    that's interesting about Wright playing PF. Barbosa had a poor assist game but on the raps he can have more. He was on a team with Dragic and Nash there was no need for him to play his natural height position or to make dishes. But Wright playing Pf might change up a line-up and minutes I projected.


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      The Raptors Line-up for the 2010-2011 will be:

      C: #15 Amir Johnson- I placed Johnson here for the sake of Andrea. Andrea plays a similar game to Dirk Nowitzki. Johnson playing the Center allows the Raptors to play a little young Dallas Mavicks team. Johnson is also a better rebounder and Centers usually stay in the key.

      PF: #7 Andrea Bargnani- Playing the Euro style of bigmen; he usually goes outside and shoots 3's or midrange jumpers. This causes him to always lack rebounders but a difficult shooter to defend for his position. Andrea going out causes either the other PF to stay with him while Johnson gets rebounds with a Center or Andrea knocking down 3's and high mid-range shots with a 6-6 ft player guarding him. Similiar to Dirk and both or 7ft but Dirk plays a PF. Andrea should too.

      SF: #10 Demar Derozan- will likely play to 2 or the 3 but he will get the 3 because of the slight weight and height advantage he has over Weems. Bosh out and a new Era is made. The Derozan Era. Despite averaging less then 10pts in his rookie season. He is now able to get more ball possessions and has become one of the Raptors top-to-go-guy behind Bargnani and Barbosa. yes Barbosa. Double D should be making 14-17 pts this season playing 31-34 mins. Unless he gets a breakout year in his second year like D-wade. We all know how that went.

      SG: #24 Sonny Weems- Will be playing this position because of his signs of hard work hustle and improvement he showed late last year. Someone in this thread said He averaged 16 pts in the last 5 games. I knew he played great but not that great. Either way all is good and he makes the starter line-up. furthermore he has a great relation with Double D. They love playing together this year and has great chemistry. Both can build assist or make dish (how-ever-you-want to call it) by feeding to each other. these two gives the Raptors a Golden-State Fast Break high dunking team.

      PG: #28 Leandro Barbosa-Yes! the big surprise....Barbosa at point guard. why not? his ratings or higher then Jack and Calderon. He makes about the same about of assist as well and scores more. He is 6'3 ft similar to Ellis,Jack, or Jose. People assume he is taller. The value of Barbosa stood out this FIBA CUP. He is driving Brazil through games. leading them to victory. He was only benched because Phoenix as a whole has better players than the Raptors in the SG and PG. He is to short for the SG so Richardson took that spot. The PG was STEVE NASH. so he had to be bench. On the Raptors there is no need too. This gives Jack bench spot. Barbosa did have injuries but the speculations are over and is now the past. (Phoenix loss). Barbosa playing 1 gives the whole unit a better touch. He can play on a fast break team (Weems and Derozan on both sides for a Alley or he can drive and pass out to the 4 or the 3 and 2) His plays in Brazil is similiar to the European style for Andrea. He also drives more causing Johnson to get a little more open looks. He will play SG time to time. In total 32 minutes 20 minutes as PG 12 minutes as SG - stats: 15-17 pts 6-8 ast

      Bench:Won't go into much details until I do a thorough analysis.

      PG:Jarret Jack: bring of energy and playing as the Sixth man. Playing with Barbosa time-time. Grabbing 26-28 minutes per game with the similiar stats last year.

      SG: Jullian Wright: Yes another surprise. First do you know fantasy,games etc he is ranked higher then Derozan? He played with CP3 so having Jack as his player won't be difficult for him. He is 4pts,3rbs,2ast in 12 minutes of his career. mmm not to bad for a bencher.

      SF: Linas Kleiza: perfect fit he should be the scorer in this bench team. Last time in the NBA with the Nuggets he made 13.4 pts 5 rbs in 25 minutes. That is great bench production. Which may challenge Derozan and Weems for their spot.

      PF: Ed Davis: now i'll be honest on draft night I wanted Avery Bradley even if he was injured. The Celtics pick him and got a steal. But slowly I've been feeling this Davis guy. He'll give the Bench and Team (1)Defense(2)Blocks and adding to the rebounds. Not to sure but the Bench seems like already a better Defensive line-up then the Starters. Which is good.

      C: David Anderson: now this could have went to anyone but I love his stats better and he to can only get better in this team. His rookie year he played 14.1 minutes 6 pts and 3 rbs. This year should get open looks with Davis near him. He should also be passing the rookie wall this year like Derozan.

      * Jose Calderon: if not traded will be eating up some minutes from Wright's,Jack's, and Barbosa's minutes. Should play 18-20 minutes this year. He played 27 minutes last season and made 9.8 pts and 6 ast. His minutes should decrease with the players now on the team. if not traded.

      If you disagree with what I said don't fuss it is my opinion but you can kindly disagree and tell me your views.
      Yeah, I have disagree with 3/5 of the starting line-up. No way Barbosa is starting at PG, did you not watch the Worlds? And Weems most likely will be the energy off the bench, playing around 18 mpg I think. DD will start at the 2 spot. And Kleiza most likely starting at the forward spot.