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The Acquisition Of A Center And Preserving The Bosh Legacy In Toronto

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  • The Acquisition Of A Center And Preserving The Bosh Legacy In Toronto

    Many posters on this forum see Bargnani as the heir apparent as the face of the franchise. In order to have this happen Bargnani needs to become the dominate and leading Raptors player.

    The Bargnani supporters or should I say worshipers feel that he can best do his by playing the Power Forward.

    However, it seems to me that there is another agenda here.

    If the Raptors acquire a starting Center such as Okafor and move Bargnani to the Power Forward position then Bargnani will just be carrying on the legacy of Chris Bosh in the eyes, minds and hearts of these people. Now all of these Bargnani supporters/worshipers know that Bargnani's overall game is only average on offense at best and way below average on defense. So by moving him to the Power Forward slot there is no way that the Raptors will be better in 10-11 then they were in 09-10. This is because Bargnani will not be that much better if at all at the #4 than he was at the #5 (see my comments below as to why) and no center that the Raptors acquire will be as good as Bosh.

    So by moving Bargnani to the #4 Bosh supporters will get to see the legacy of Bosh in Toronto maintained and point to the fact that the Raptors in 10-11 were in fact worse than they were in 09-10. They will also get to see Bargnani in Bosh's #4 position and by default become the heir apparent as the face of the franchise.

    However, if Bargnani were to remain at the #5 and the Raptors were to acquire a starting Power Forward or to even to start Johnson and be better in 10-11 then they were in 09-10 this would totally destroy Bosh's legacy in Toronto, straight up. This would be a downright tragedy for a Bosh's fans who supported him for his seven years in Toronto. Many of whom who have made the claim that Bosh was the best Power Forward in the league.

    They know that Bargnani can never threaten that legacy. He is not nor will he ever be good enough to do that. So by moving Bargnani to the #4 Bosh's legacy is preserved.

    By keeping Bargnani at the #5 and obtaining a starting PF or starting Johnson then Bosh's legacy could very well be threatened and destroyed, maybe not in 10-11 but certainly within the next two to three seasons. This would be tragic for Bosh supporters.

    I say this because Bargnani who is a very bad defender at the #5 when you include team defense would obviously be even a worse defender at the #4 where the scoring talent is higher across the league on the whole than it is at the #5. There is no way that Bargnani could defend the #4 position. He is not quick enough nor strong enough. The Raptors offense would also suffer by moving him to the #4 as he then would be guarded by more mobile big men like KG who could easily follow him out to the three point line and stay with him on any drives to the basket out of a pick and roll.

    Bottom line: Those who want to move Bargnani to the #4 in my opinion basically want this to happen in an attempt to preserve Bosh's legacy.
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    To preserve Bosh's legacy? Maybe people want Bargs at the 4 because it's his natural position and he has a rebound deficiency.


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      What happens if barg is moved to 4 and he does just a good a job as bosh? I think he is capable of putting 18 and 10 numbers simply because he is a good shooter and at 7 foot he will most likely pull down 8 - 10 rebounds. Now just because he will get 8 - 10 rebounds a game doesn't mean he will force those rebounds with his defense. As far as bosh is concerned he has no legacy here in Toronto, I mean u can look at Carter and say he was very close to beating Philly to make it to the conference finals. What I remember of bosh is he was part of the team that allowed Kobe to drop 80 something points on us and he allowed Howard drop 20 and 20 on his head top!


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        barganani's man on man defence isnt too bad its his help defence thats the killer. hopefully if we land a bonified defensive center it can help offset some of bargs lack of help defence & maybe they can teach bargs to rebound better & block out his player from the glass.

        bargs is def. better suited for the 4, how much better is anyones guess until he plays it night in night out.


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          I ignored the part about Bosh's legacy because that makes about as much sense as a third nipple.

          Re: Bargnani playing the 4.

          The only thing that can come from that is Bargnani will be guarded by shorter guys and could use his post-game to better advantage. I'm tired of this "he can take his man off the dribble" bullshit because he doesn't do it often enough for it to be a strength. I'd be willing to move him to four only because of an outside chance at an improved post-game AND maybe, just maybe he could use his length to rebound (tip-toeing etc.) because that sure isn't working out at the C. I doubt that, though.


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            this has nothing to do with preserving bosh's legacy and i don't care whther bargnani plays the 4 or the 5. but, from what i've seen him do when bosh hasn't been around impresses me for the most part if he plays hard night in night out he'll be good.

            lazy bargnani

            In March, Scott Howard-Cooper of nba.comasked Bargnani why he doesn't rebound more, and Bargnani replied, "Being lazy maybe. That's the only reason it can be. I've got the body, I've got everything to take 10 rebounds a game. It's just sometimes I get lazy."

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              That legacy statement is ridiculous, I don't think any serious fan would be worried about a player who is no longer on the teams legacy, they would want whatever is best for the team.

              If that was the case I hope we don't ever draft a all star point guard because it may destroy Mighty Mouse's legacy or I hope DeRozan is a bust because it may destroy Vince's legacy.

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                I'm not going to bother commenting on your bosh preservation theory because you are merely projecting your own views on an undisclosed amount of people.

                To address your statements on Bargnani playing the 4 opposed to the 5.

                Bargnani playing the 4 on the offensive end does not mean he will be guarding other opposing 4s. Not sure what rule book you pulled that from but that's just not the case.

                Many people want Bargnani to play as a power forward because he would be more effective there. He himself stated that he is more comfortable playing as a 4.

                Bargnani Interview - Hoopshype

                Bottom line: Those who want to move Bargnani to the #4 in my opinion basically want this to happen to see the raptors succeed.


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                  i'm bored colangelo give me something to read about. i hate baseball and there's nothing else on besides the x games and the cfl a couple nights a wekk. i need something to read about.
                  If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

                  Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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                    sorry buddah but this perhaps your most unimportant post you've ever had. The legacy is stuff is just pure conjecture.

                    In any case here's something worth thinking about in regards to the 4 vs 5 debate: it is seems to be the general consensus that bargnani is a better man defender than help defender. If this is the case wouldn't he be more effective in a defensive scheme at the four? As you pointed out the 4 position is a higher scoring and therefore, more of a focal point for the offense than the 5. With Bargs at the 4 won't he be defending more often in his strength, 1 on 1 situations, than his weakness, help situations?
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                      where's the thumbs-down icon?
                      It's about money


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                        Centers in the NBA score on average 17 ppg? Centers in the NBA average 37.5% 3pt shooting? How is Bargnani's offense average?

                        Howard averaged 18ppg, has no game outside of dunks, and is one of the worst FT% shooters...
                        Ming averaged 17.5 in his only full season, and 19.7 in his most recent/closest to full season in recent memory.
                        Okafor averages 10.
                        Bynum averages 15.

                        I mean... what is above average offense for a center if the superstars and stars can't even meet that expectation?
                        It's about money


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                          If AB starts averaging 20 and 8 as a center that would be great. I think everyone is expecting way to much from him. I dont see anything wrong with a center who brings in those stats. If his rebounds were higher that would be great but a 20 or 18 ppg and 8 rpg center would be great. if we back him up with other players who are defensive minded i tihnk it would work out great. When bosh was here it made AB look bad cause everyone expected him to clean up boshs missed shots and what not. now we have davis and johnson to clan up. i think many of the pieces we have are coming together and were headed in the right direction. many ppl would like to see AB as a PF but at this point he looks great as our center with bosh gone. AB takes advantage of so many other centers in the league in many ways. if he moves to PF it may not work out so well.