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Sun-Sentinel: The Raptors Sold Out Their Fanbase In Bosh Trade

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  • Sun-Sentinel: The Raptors Sold Out Their Fanbase In Bosh Trade

    From Colangelo, the discussion in a radio interview was about Bosh failing to push through injury during a playoff chase that ended one game shy of a postseason berth.

    Such charges are serious, and worthy of further investigation, perhaps to confirm the teams' suspicions, perhaps to finally put all these conspiracy theories to bed well in advance of the start of training camp.

    A $100,000 NBA fine silenced Gilbert, and Bosh took care of his own silencing with his rebuttal to Colangelo's comments on an appearance on a Canadian cable outlet Thursday.

    But if the indignation is sincere, if the Cavaliers and Raptors truly believe there was some sort of before-the-fact chicanery involved, then why not take a stand? Why not show your fans that your franchise will not be trampled by those who you contend chose not to play by the rules?

    Why? Because the Cavaliers and Raptors sold out such righteous indignation for packages of draft choices.

    On the night that James and Bosh were being introduced at AmericanAirlines Arena, the Raptors and Cavaliers were finishing off arrangements with the Heat for sign-and-trade agreements.

    For the Raptors, the NBA's version of an out-of-court settlement was two future first-round picks from the Heat.

    For the Cavaliers, it was two future first-rounders and two future second-rounders.

    Every team apparently has its price.
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    umm yea, i guess?
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      what was som important about that?
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        So what is the alternative?! Lebron and Bosh had the Cavs and the Raptors against the wall so at least they got something out of it. I hope no Raptor GM will make this mistake again of allowing a free agent to test the market, if the player doesn't sign a long term extension within a year, ship his ass out via trade and let another team deal with him. At least you would get alot more in this scenerio then the one you would get with the Miami scenerio.


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          This guy can stick his ego where the alligators bite. Yea ESPN and the Florida hoops writers right now can kick dirt in the faces of Cleveland and Toronto but what goes around comes around and this Heat team ain't won sheet yet. What a bunch of a**holes!! period. End of story.
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            For the Raptors, the NBA's version of an out-of-court settlement was two future first-round picks from the Heat.
            not the author neglects to mention the massive TPE the Raps also have as a result of the trade.


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              Whether they talked before or not doesn't matter to me. He was leaving town. The Raptors got something back. If getting two 1st rounders and a +$14M TPE is selling out the fans then so be it. Bosh was leaving, but at least the team wasn't left empty handed.