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If The Raptor's Intend To Rebuild, How Long Will It Take To Be Competitive?

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    as long as bargs gets a free pass it we will never be competitive... not sure why no one says anything about this but there are games where bargs plays 40+ mins and get 4 rebounds... doesnt box out, or even attempt to fight for a rebound...

    then amir johnson comes in and makes 1 mistake and gets sent to the bench...

    the message being sent to our young players is very wrong when trying to develop players.

    in march of last season in two losing games against the 76ers and warriors... bargs played 40 mins and got 11 pts 4 rbds... why cant jay triano say hey if you're not gona rebound you're not gona play ??

    philly had 12 offensive rbds in that game.
    gsw had 18 offensive rebounds...

    d leaguer anthony tolliver had 5 offensive boards.
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      Raptorfanatic wrote: View Post
      If the Raptor's intend to rebuild, how long will it take to be competitive. Let's dream a bit and look at drafting history. If in 2005 the Raptors drafted Bynum and Granger instead of Villaneuva and Graham; drafted Roy instead of Bargnani, kept their pick in 2008 and drafted Hibbert, selected Jennings instead of deRozen to fill void at point guard. the team in 2009-10 would have looked like:


      I am assuming there was no deal for Ford, O'Neal or Turk, (did not have to)did not sign Jack,resigned Parker & Moon and made the deal for Johnson & Weems. if we only drafted better ! With the team assembled , the loss of Bosh would have been much easier to overcome in 2010-11.
      If you drafted Bynum/Granger instead of Graham/Villanueva, you likely wouldn't have been drafting so early in the lottery the next season, and you probably wouldn't have been in the lottery at all when we drafted DeRozan.

      If you want to play the "shoulda" game, you start with Iggy. Drafting him likely wouldn't have resulted in that big of a difference in next years draft, and if we assume the Vince Carter trade happened, the 16th pick wouldn't have been altered anyway. So now you have Iggy/Granger/Bosh plus whatever our 2005 pick would have landed us. This hindsight case is much more plausible, and probably means that Bosh stays.

      This is all moot of course, because Babcock is a fucking idiot. the 2004 and 2005 drafts were our opportunity to "build through the draft", and we came out of it with Rafael Araujo, Joey Graham, and Charlie Villanueva. Think about that for a second.


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        ceez wrote: View Post
        all depends on how well we do drafting the next couple years. with derozan unproven, our history isn't good. if we do draft a couple studs, we could potentially be the east's thunder.
        man, id rather be the new hawks instead of the thunder, the thunder havent proven much the hawks are better.
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          oh, btw if we drafted a roy or granger id doubt we get both because wed prolly do better than we did. otherteams might have taken him, too many possibilities
          If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

          Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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            my prediction:
            best case 2 years, worst case 5 years
            (of course this is all just random speculation based more on opinion than facts lol)
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