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Turkoglu Should Just Zip-it

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  • Turkoglu Should Just Zip-it

    Just a small piece written by Scott Howard-Cooper from regarding Turko-poo.

    Source - Click here

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    turkoglu deserves to be kidnapped tied up, and thrown into the middle of the desert.
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      He's going to struggle next year, mark my words. Nash and Hill will keep him on a short leash. And him guarding other 4's in the league? I mean this man cannot defend a toddler! Thank god Lon Babby took the job in Phoenix. Otherwise, we'll still be stuck with him!!!


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        He's just showing his true colors even more. He's not worth talking about. Ignorant people will cheer him for the crap he's been saying but people who's opinions are worth anything, people in the know, will roll their eyes just like the article suggests.


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          By trash-talking Colangelo and the Raptors, Turkoglu is merely attempting to justify his utterly disappointing season on and off the court. Most players would simply move on, but for whatever reason he seems to believe that his production would have been substantially better were it not for the "problems within the organization." It's amazing how his highly-touted signing with Toronto elevated his ego to the point that he believes he's some sort of superstar. What a joke.


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            LBF wrote: View Post
            turkoglu deserves to be kidnapped tied up, and thrown into the middle of the desert.
            Ummm, I know I shouldn't condone that but....


            All I know is that I'm gonna grab tix when the Suns come to town and boo the hell outta him! Dude is an absolute disgrace to professional athletes.


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              I always hated him for taking the celtics out of the playoffs in orlando, then i started to feel bad that i had said mean things about him, then this comes out...

              Well he gets his in the end, have you seen his wife.

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                Nice to see someone calling him out for the hack job.


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                  Turkoglu just made himself the most hated ex Raptor ever. Unfortuntly there will be nothing to boo at it because he will suck on the court when his team visits the ACC. I hope Kleiza knocks him on his ass a few times.


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                    If you follow basketball closely, or know anything about Canada whatsoever, then you likely dismissed Turkoglu's comments as the nonsensical crap that it was. That being said, I bet there was a lot of casual followers of the NBA and uneducated people in America who took what he said as truthful.

                    The lack of exposure that the Raptors get in a lot of the American markets is troubling as it is, and it's the fans in those areas that I worry about taking his BS at face value.


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                      Hedont will miss T.O but he's probably too stupid to realize it...

                      He made the right decision coming here over Portland, but then he decided to turn into an out of shape, lazy, selfish player. He complained about not getting enough "Ball" then when he was given a multitude of opportunities to make plays he completely failed. That's on him not Jay or Bryan since he was the only one who had the power to dig down deep and find the skill and desire to salvage his utter disappointment of a season. Then he has the stupidity to call in to question Bryan's comments about Bosh, all the while he's back at home earlier bashing the organization and whining like a little bitch. Have fun in Phoenix where you wont be able to find any Turkish restaurant's or fellow countrymen for that matter.