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Past, Present And Future: Alvin Williams Inverview On The Fan 590

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  • vinnie_paz
    williams had it all:

    work ethic / effort

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  • Red and White
    He will always be my fav raptor...such a pro...

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  • Past, Present And Future: Alvin Williams Inverview On The Fan 590

    Alvin Williams interview on The Fan 590 - CLICK HERE

    Here's a recap:
    - A lot of the athletes search for attention. Twitter is a tool they take advantage of.
    - The NBA supports Twitter and so it's not going anywhere.
    - Talking to the media never got him in trouble because he never paid attention to articles. He was lucky because the media was focused on Vince. He always stayed positive about the team in interviews because he's representing the team. He never threw his teammates under the bus, handled it in house. A lot of guys now don't have the knowledge and experience about dealing with the media because they didn't go to college long enough.
    - He feels Turk needs to shut up.
    - He feels the team needs to set a foundation and a vision of what they want the team to be. Smart, hard working, together basketball basketball wins games. They need to have the effort mentality, playing hard every second of the game. Everyone needs to be held accountable if they don't play that way and you can always find someone else who will play that way.
    - You still need talent to win but you need talent who puts effort forth. They have two talented PG, Andrea Bargnani, DeMar in particular is really impressing him, Sonny Weem, Amir Johnson. Jay gets everybody prepared.
    - He thinks Jack will be the leader. Last years everyone was waiting for Chris and Hedo to lead but they weren't leaders. The most talented guy on the team doesn't have to be the leader. Carter was never the leader in Toronto, Oakley was. He feels if Jack keeps his mentality right he can lead.