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Boo Turkoglu, Not Bosh

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    I'm tired of these threads. Every paying customer can do whatever he/she wants to do at a game (short of obscene, obviously).
    your pal,


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      You have to put that shit on a sign!
      I do think that silence would be awesome. Absolute stone cold silence when he is introduced. Booing Bosh would be stupid, and probably motivate Miami even more.
      As for Turk, I think he'll easily laugh off the jeers....however if we could pay a couple of people behind the PHX bench to give it to him the entire game that would be great, and definitely get under his skin. Maybe the Raps will keep Evans just to guard Hedo, that could get interesting. However my sign is going to be in the shape of a Martini Glass, with a Basketball on a toothpick. I need to know the club he frequented, and get witty from there. I am definitely going to see PHX this year, I'll even pony up for court side from scalpers.


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        heinz57 wrote: View Post
        if bosh is dropping 30 pts on the raps, im not going to sit there quietly on my hands be all sanctimonious and respectful because he led our team to ONE slightly respectable season his whole time here.

        i'm going to be booing him.

        and if you're not, you better question why you paid for them seats.
        I know exactly why I paid for those seats: to watch a good game of basketball. I'll never boo someone for playing well, even if they are lighting up my team. I'll reserve that kind of treatment for someone who has truly earned it, otherwise I just look like a sore loser.

        I will however cheer louder than ever when someone outplays a great opposing player, even if it's just for one play. Positive energy for your team is always good. Negative energy to the opposing team can have unintended consequences (remember that time LBJ went nuts in the 4th in the come-from-behind win over the Raps?)


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          I'll praise Hedo to the cows come home. He publicly stated his desire to leave and made it so much easier for us to place the blame on the wanker. If all that talk was behind closed doors we might not know how much of a moron the guy really is and could have been forgiven in thinking we'd lost another player because of the same old reasons. He informed us of what a cock he is and allowed us to vent straight at this Turkish oxygen thief.

          cheers Hedo for being the worlds biggest knob
          everybody wang chun tonight