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Toronto Raptors 2010-11 Schedule Announced

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  • Toronto Raptors 2010-11 Schedule Announced

    Arse has posted the entire schedule on the blog's main page. Be sure to check it out.

    Unfortunately we'll have to wait till the end of February for the return of Bosh and Hedo.


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    Looks to me as though the toughest months are November and February (although road play makes January a close second). Speaking strictly based upon the ridiculously early power rankings provided by ESPN, Nov. and Feb. both feature an average power ranking of 6.6. March looks easiest with an average power ranking of 10.

    That is a hell of a lot of games against Miami though… damn.
    It's about money


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      Didn’t dissect it too much, being Tennis Boy and all for most of Tuesday, but it looks kind of ho-hum to tell you the truth.

      Except the start.

      Eight of 12 on the road to open including away dates at Utah, where they can never win, the Lakers, Portland on a tough back-to-back and then at Orlando-Miami on consecutive nights?

      Am dreading the angst already.

      Anyway, there are 18 back-to-backs, I see, which is down from last season as I recall. No big whoop or hardship there.

      The one thing that did catch my eye was the proliferation this year of Saturday games. Nine of them – all on the road – seems a rather hefty number in comparison to last year and what that does is really cut into the number of Sunday afternoon home games. I think I saw there are only 11 home Sunday dates and that’s a smallish number.
      Source: Doug Smith's Blog