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Anthony Randolph Is Available? Should the Raptors Be Interested?

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  • Anthony Randolph Is Available? Should the Raptors Be Interested?

    Alot of expectations for this kid. Is he all hype or if given the playing time is he the real deal? Should we be interested not knowing Bosh's future as a Raptor?

    Warriors’ Randolph on block again

    For two seasons, the Warriors have had an odd time with Anthony Randolph(notes). Sometimes, they’re in love with his sheer athletic ability in that 7-foot frame and considered him untouchable. As a rookie, they dangled him in deals, too. Well, it’s happening again. Several NBA teams say Golden State officials have offered Randolph in trade discussions, but as one Eastern Conference executive said: “I think all of their roster could be had.”

    Says one Western official: “The Warriors are willing to do anything and everything.”

    Randolph is 20 years old and blessed with terrific talent, but his staying power and maturity have frustrated Golden State officials. It appears they’re willing to cash his potential for more mature assets. After destroying the summer league in Vegas, Randolph has averaged 11.1 points in 21.8 minutes per night for the Warriors.

    Even with his patriarch, Keith Smart, substituting for an ill Don Nelson, Randolph’s productivity hasn’t improved. Still, he’s so young, so gifted, it’s a move that would come with a great deal of long-term risk.
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    I would say yes if they're interested in a young like Johnson. No, if they want DeRozan.


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      I haven't watched him play. My concern is that he and Bosh could not co-exist. If they can, if Randolph can guard both C's and PF's with his quickness, then I would dangle Calderon or Bargnani in a trade for him.

      Right now, I am thinking these trades are only worth it if we can find an ideal floormate to Bosh. Otherwise giving up Andrea is not worth it.


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        Randolph is a hybrid version of Chris Bosh and Zach Randolph
        Randolph = Chris Bosh = Skinny frame, left handed big man, finesse player
        Randolph = Zach = Have more post game


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          I find it tough to make comparisons at this point. I want to believe the hype though.


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            Randolph for Bargnani is worth the gamble... both relatively unproven... both bring potential and also, Randolph is a pretty decent help defender and has gotten some pretty sweet blocks from the weakside.

            I think him and Bosh could co-exist...or at least I'd like to think so.

            My pipe dream, which isn't happening, would be:

            Trade Bargs for Randolph and trade Jose for Andre Miller... Not only do we get back a young and athletic big man that Colangelo creams over, but we also get back a solid veteran PG that can defend the perimeter and push the ball extremely well.


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              I'd be willing to give up anybody except for Chris Bosh.

              I don't believe the report from Yahoo Sports though. The Warriors aren't giving up Randolph. Not at this point.


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                In terms of current ability, I'd consider Anthony Randolph to be a very poor defensive player + solid offensive player (lots of poor decisions which limit his value there) + an excellent rebounder. Overall, he's a solid player but not an impact player. Not this season.

                He's the type of player where the offensive side of the game is going to come first. That's where his focus his. Once that happens, then the defensive improvement will come. I'm very positive about Randolph showing huge improvement over the next few years. He's going to be one heck of a player.


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                  Are the Raps trying to make the playoffs this season or build for the future?

                  If the plan is to S&T Bosh and build for the future, then adding young talent like Randolph makes some sense. (But the Turkoglu signing is now questionable)

                  If they want to be in the playoffs this season and get better next season, why would they go after someone who's likely to developing their game for the next 3-5 years?
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                    If we are onna do a deal like this then we gotta expand it to get Beans as well cuz I don't wanna get Randolph and have no one to play center
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                      I've seen this guy play a few times and I don't get what the hype is about. Yes, he has potential to be good but there are plenty of those kinds of players, I believe the Clippers have four of them.

                      The fact that his current team is willing to let him go should also say something. Even if he's on the Raptors, he'll need time to develop and will have growing pains just like DeRozan. We're already backing a good horse, no need to switch without reason.


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                        was Ellis + Randolf/Biedrins for Bosh ever a real deal?


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                          Anyone interested in Maggette too?

                          Hmmm .... apparently is there's a team also interested in Maggette, then Randolph could be had.

                          * Supposed to be off today and bracing for lots of snow tomorrow in North Jersey, but got canceled from a ”ChronLive” appearance at the last minute and also got a few interesting call-backs from NBA sources, so what the heck…

                          -Nobody can ever guess with Don Nelson, but I’m always willing to try: I have a sneaking feeling Nelson’s leaning toward starting Anthony Randolph at center tonight vs. the Wizards.

                          I also think the Warriors are going to win. Such a homer.

                          Starting Randolph would be making a point to Vladimir Radmanovic, to frustrated Warriors fans, and it’d be a symbolic raspberry to the rampant reports that the Warriors are shopping Randolph.

                          Meanwhile, the Warriors’ front office tried to knock down the Randolph shop-talk in its own special, backwards way:

                          * W’s management basically issued a press release on saying they’re not THAT interested in trading Randolph, but gee, if a team’s willing to also take on Corey Maggette’s contract (NOT Bobby Rowell’s fault! They swear it so that means it must be true!), that’d get things rolling.
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                            Always fun to see how one reporters flawed leap in logic is taken as gospel by others in the media and reported as fact (take Maggette, get Randolph).

                            Tim Kawakami is a very good reporter ... most of the time ... but his over-sensationalizing of stories is a little annoying.