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Raptors Trade Belinelli To Hornets For Julian Wright

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    Interesting review from a blogger on Wright's 2009 summer league performance which tells alot about his game:

    Julian Wright
    Julian Wright's consistent inconsistency was again on display in Las Vegas, as his points varied from 4 to 24 and rebounds varied from 1 to 7 despite playing a fairly consistent 30+ minutes per game. Not really unexpected at this point. Some observations:

    First, Wright doesn't have a scorer's mentality. At all. In the first three games he did not demand the ball and instead seemed perfectly content to try and manufacture points at the end of the shot clock after other players had failed to score, leading to low percentage shots. In the games Collison and Thornton played, he only averaged 11 shots and an abysmal .96 points per shot. However, once both Collison and Thornton had gone down with their ankle injuries and the coaches made him the centerpiece of the offense, Wright scored 43 points on 33 shots for a healthy 1.3 points per shot.

    That tells me that he's capable of scoring, but needs plays run for him AND he's not going to insist on those plays. This dovetails with all the interviews I've seen of Julian where he says how Byron Scott keeps telling him he has to become more aggressive. I think Julian may be mistaking energy, which he has in spades, for aggression. Energy is a part of aggression, but he has to combine that with assertiveness, of which he has none. In other words, Julian needs to call for the damn ball. In the NBA, if you aren't assertive, you aren't going to get the ball.

    As for the rest of his game, he's still brilliant in transition, mediocre in the half court, a lame shooter, an excellent on the ball defender, and too eager to help on help defense.
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      Marz wrote: View Post
      I can't believe no one's asked this question yet: Does this mark the end of Andrea Bargnani?
      No, can't see why. I fear that raps fans have a slightly distorted knowledge on Andrea and Marco's friendship; sure it appears they are on pretty good terms but it's like they are lifelong buddies, kindergarten friends, like brothers etc...bad interviews and worst translations often exagerate reality. Probably Andrea liked having another italian and a guy he gets along well in the team, but seeing Marco going shouldn't have any real impact on the Bargs-Raptors relationship. And I can't see this move as anything related to Bargs, like motivating him or's just a decent move for a number of basketball reasons, as other explained pretty well here.

      Well, last chance for Marco and last season in the NBA I fear, unless CP3 makes a miracle...


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        As for the rest of his game, he's still brilliant in transition, mediocre in the half court, a lame shooter, an excellent on the ball defender, and too eager to help on help defense.
        This sounds like where Johnson was when he got traded to the Raptors last summer except I would not say that Johnson was or is an excellent on the ball defender. He is maybe a bit above average in that area in my opinion, but not excellent

        However, the lack of aggressiveness in demanding the ball has always been a Johnson failing as he seems to content to take what the situation gives him if there are others on the court who can score. Though I did notice some increase in his aggressiveness on offense as last season went on. I think part of the reason that Johnson had this problem when he came to the Raptors was because he was basically frozen out of the half court offense the entire time he played for the Pistons

        DeRozan also had this issue last sesaon.

        It just takes some young guys a while to gain that confidence to demand the ball, especially when there are a lot of other scorers around on your team.
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          hey, were talking about julian not amir, ok.

          you always find a way to just sneak in amir some where. it's really expected now so you better do it all the time.
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