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Chad Ford's ESPN Chat Wrap: Raptors Related

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  • Chad Ford's ESPN Chat Wrap: Raptors Related

    Nothing much, but on a slow news days its at least something to blab about.

    Here are some of the Raptors related things Ford chats about today over at ESPN:

    Da Kid (NC) - Where do you honestly think Wade, Bosh, Amare, and Lebron will go next year if you had to make a prediction?

    Chad Ford - Wade - Miami, LeBron - Miami, Bosh - Chicago, Stoudemire - Nets
    Drew (Wichita, KS) - How big a factor in LeBron's 2010 decision is where John Wall ends up? Could the Nets become the favorites to get LBJ simply by lucking into the number one pick?

    Chad Ford - It might be a factor. Might not. The only team with cap space that I think it would make a major difference for is the Nets. If they got Wall, (and then could package Devin Harris in a deal for a legit PF or more cap space to get another superstar) he might get very interested. Wall-LeBron-Lopez would be a very nice young trio. Add another big time player into the mix (say they got Amare or Bosh) and it would be very, very tempting.
    Mike (Canada) - Philly isn't even playing Brand. Ship him to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich?

    Chad Ford - I'm sure Philly would LOVE that deal. But why would Chicago do it. Yes, the Bulls need a low post scorer badly. But Brand is just a shell of his former self. Do a trade like this and Chicago also wrecks their cap space this summer. I still feel they have a great shot at landing a top tier free agent ... especially Chris Bosh.
    WOW, a ton of talk about the Bulls going aggressively after Bosh this summer.

    Source - Click here

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    LOL LeBron in Miami
    Last name ever, first name greatest


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      D-wade + LeBron >>>>> Ray Allen + Kevin Garnett + Paul Pierce >>>>>>>>>>>>Raptors!


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        I wouldn't laugh off the idea of James in Miami. If anyone doesn't need to worry about adding to his money pile its him as I'm pretty sure he leads the league in endorsement money. He would probably get more endorsement money in a big market as well.


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          Chris Bosh has no reason to go Chicago, he will simply have a better option in Miami if he decides to leave.


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            Arsenalist wrote: View Post
            Chris Bosh has no reason to go Chicago, he will simply have a better option in Miami if he decides to leave.
            Exactly... Chicago is a sub-par team right now with a lot of question marks and the weather isn't exactly inviting in the winter. Also, even if they land Wade, would Bosh want to play in his shadow in Chicago? I'd think he'd be more open to playing under Wades shadow in Miami because of the weather etc, but I'm not sold on Chi-town as his destination. Anyways all we can do is specualte.


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              Trade Bosh!

              We can see that CB4 will not stya as long as we have crap defenders like Calderon and especially Bargnani. As we can't trade the latter, let's trade Chris for Brook Lopez and maybe a draft pick? Colangelo made a mistake taking and extending Bargs. Time to undo this