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Barbosa: "I Wanted To Play In A Better Situation For Me, Which I Think I Have In TO"

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    Yeah, I read this last week. Good that he's here.
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      nice that someone was looking forward to coming here


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        I think Barbosa could very well turn out to a one season rent a guard.

        DeRozan is only going to get better. If Kleiza and Weems are able to hold down the SF slot where are Barbosa's minutes going to come from?

        He is making $7 million. I don't think he is worth more than the MLE which in 10-11 will be around $5.7 million or so. How much of a commitment will the Raptors be willing to make to retain a player probably past their prime with a serious recent health problem?

        Barbosa wants more minutes but given his short height and light weight he is not really a good defender at the #2 against taller and stronger SGs. I think he could turn out to be a slightly better version of Wright. I can't see him getting over 20 mpg unless their is a major injury to to one of the wing players.

        The Raptors may even use Barbosa and his $7 million expiring contract along with Reggie, Banks and or part of the TPE to make a trade before the trade deadline. Or else they may just let Barbosa, Evans and Banks walk come July 1st. That would be about $17 million off of the team's salary.

        What the Raptors need are not older undersized guards or almost $10 million invested in Evans and Banks. What they need are to stockpile some draft lottery picks or trade for young athletic players. This way they can draft more young talented athletic guys to go with the young, athletic and talented core which now is up to six players if you count Alabi and other young athletic and talented players that they acquire via more trades.
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