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DeMar Called Toronto A Top 5 City Among Players In The League

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    Here is the link to the interview or at least about 5 minutes of it
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      Buddahfan wrote: View Post
      I would say all four are pretty close as a preferred playing and living location for NBA players.

      However I think it depends on the player and their life style.

      Chicago and New York are 24x7 cities. Los Angeles except of course for closed private parties tends to close down starting around 11 PM (Restaurants) up until a couple of hours after mid-night (nightclubs). However Los Angeles offers a lot more options during the day time. For example when you have a day off in Los Angeles, like Miami, you can go to the beach on that day off. You can't do that in the winter in N.Y. Chicago or Boston.

      If you are into the entertainment crowd and hanging with them Los Angeles offers the most of that.

      There area also more options in Los Angeles in the summer regarding playing organized high level basketball at some gym against other NBA and top level college players.

      N.y and Chicago are all about the night life and the sports media. Not all players like the pressure of playing in N.Y.

      I am not sure what Boston offers NBA players outside of being able to wear Celtic green. However for some players that is enough.

      Yeah it is more of an opinion based choice, and maybe me being a middle class person, i have a different view of cities then players. Im staying at a motel in san fran, while they could have huge nice mansion thingy out of the city.

      Boston is an awesome city, great people, and great history. once again, my view.


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        It's not the first time that I heard that people love to come to Toronto when it comes up on the schedule. In terms of players having desire to live and play in Toronto, well, that flies in the face of what the track record so far would suggest. It's odd too because it's a huge city and few down south can match or surpass it.


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          Red and White: rage black out? That was vinnie_paz trying to be funny...


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            pillowmint wrote: View Post
            Chicago is a better version of Toronto. Go there, then tell me I'm wrong. It's a great town.
            I have been to both cities.

            I would return to Toronto

            You couldn't pay me money to set foot in IL, MI or OH again and I mean a lot of money

            Go ahead make me offer I can't refuse.
            Avatar: Riverboat Coffee House 134 Yorkville Ave. billboard of upcoming entertainers - Circa 1960s

            Memories some so sweet, indeed

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            Quote from well known personality who led their high school team to a state championship.


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              If Montreal had an NBA team, the whole 'best city' discussion would be over in a heartbeat.


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                What I don't understand about Toronto not being a popular destination for NBA players is why is this even an issue? For the millions of dollars these guys make, the city shouldn't even be a factor, they should just be playing.

                For example, you never hear about this issue in Baseball, and rarely in Football. Do you think the players for Green Bay are going to avoid the team just because its cold and boring there? No, they are happy to have a contract.

                The sense of entitlement and egos these NBA guys have is so ridiculous sometimes.


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                  Buddahfan wrote: View Post
                  To my knowledge So. CA is the only place in North America where you can snow ski on real snow in your car in the morning and go surfing in the afternoon and then party with any kind of crowd you want at night. All in the same day, if you have the energy.
                  I would really like to see this happen.. are there any youtubes of people skiing inside their cars? I can't even picture it.. must be a crazy huge car, or really small people.
                  your pal,


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                    Buddahfan wrote: View Post
                    If you love San Francisco then you should really love West Hollywood. It is a nice cleaner than San Francisco and offers the same cultural and social environment as San Francisco

                    Personally I wouldn't give 2 cents for any of those cities straight up, but that is just me.

                    Its a personal thing. The weather in Miami sucks rotten eggs and the Miami is the home to some of the biggest crawling insects in America. Seriously, I was also killed by one them suckers when it bit me.

                    N.Y. you either love it or hate it. I hate it. Too many people in too small a place. Too much concrete and glass and not enough green. In fact the life expectancy in N.Y. is the lowest of any American city.

                    Then again its all personal.

                    I love Los Angeles and So. CA offers more in complete lifestyle options both indoor and outdoor than any major city/area in the world, period.
                    Jay Leno,Craig Ferguson, jImmy Kimmel all constantly make fun of west hollywood so I don't think it has a very good reputation.

                    as for Demar's comment, it's great, but, at the same time there is a lot of things wrong with it. (in no particular order)

                    !) it's only coming from one player

                    2) he plays here

                    3)Bosh and Turkoglu carry alot more reputation around the league than Demar.

                    4) that's usually what second players say because they start to grow into the city and are just glad they get a chance to play.

                    5) Toronto good=2 Toronto foreign and weird=3

                    this summer we've had t-mac,bosh, and turkoglu all say toronto is weird and stupid and no one wants to play there. we also had Lebron say our team is a joke(in a nice way)

                    We need former players to rep toronto and we need all the players here to say they love toronto and this franchise, but not say it as words but rather in their actions, what i'm saying is we need to start freakin winning for Demar's comments to hold significant weight.

                    on the plus side you've had rasho(former player) say he loves toronto
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