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Is Kleiza A Poor Man's Hedo? And Is He Even Worse Defensively?

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    brothersteve wrote: View Post
    Why Kleiza over Hedo or Barnes?

    Try 25 and getting better vs 31 and getting worse.

    Kleiza is tough, aggressive, and has something to prove.
    And against SF - Kleiza covered his position well, it was against PF that he had trouble defensively.

    Hedo was tough, got paid, and then played when he felt like it.

    Matt Barnes is 30 and has played on 7 teams in 8 years - that grit looks like it never shuts off - no team decided to keep him despite his play - and that says something!

    Kleiza was a decent back-up in Denver, became a leader in Europe, and could become a very good player as a starter for Toronto - the 30-year-old non-stars are placeholders until you find someone like Kleiza to take their job.

    Linas Kleiza, NBA to Greece and Back
    Good post. A couple more things though. Kleiza actually wanted to play for Toronto, he was excited to come here. He can relate to Bargnani well because they both grew up in Europe but he can also relate to the rest of the guys because he played most of his ball in North America


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      Sounds like he might be our new glue guy after Anthony Parker went to Cleveland.


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        no kleiza is a good defender.
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          Chrish Boss wrote: View Post
          This might come as surprising news to you...but James is no longer in Cleveland! I know right!?
          haha yea umm it was based on last season...