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Should The Raptors Retire #4?

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    Nah not rly, Vince Carter deserves to have his number retired before bosh does, and im still uncomfortable with VC at the moment, though i do think one day for him. probably not for Bosh


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      Bendit wrote: View Post
      Contextually this is such an inconsequential question. Really.

      I write this because the man has essentially done nothing of real note in basketball either personally or for the far in his career. One never knows, he could be a Raptor again. My own view is that alongwith the above the player should be considered for the honour much like a hall-of-fame addition....when he is retired and an entire body of work is available. This thread considers Bosh....I remember reading about a similar posting somewhere about whether Shaq should be similarly honoured by the Lakers. I think I remember much negativity and this is after the very real accomplishments of Shaq there. The differences in the personal accomplishments are astounding...Bosh's # in Toronto hanging at the ACC vs. Baylor, West, Jabbar, Magic etc at the Forum. These are real icons. Lets not cheapen our standards....please!!

      A resounding NO. (And this has nothing to do with his scuzzy behaviour leading upto his free agency signing).
      Do you think Laimbeer was better than Bosh? Yes the Pistons won two titles with him as their non-jumping center but was he a better player than Bosh?

      Altogether, Laimbeer spent 14 seasons in the NBA, 12 of them with Detroit. Laimbeer became the 19th player in league history to amass more than 10,000 points and 10,000 rebounds. Laimbeer was most effective off the defensive glass: from 1982 to 1990 no player in the league totaled more defensive rebounds. His streak of 685 consecutive games played (which ended due to suspension) is the fifth longest in league history. Laimbeer retired early in the 1993-94 season at age 36, and his jersey number (40) was eventually retired by the Pistons. He remains the franchise's all-time leader in career rebounds.
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        tbihis wrote: View Post
        I say retire it.
        But put a C after the S. BOSCH.
        Like the washing machine.
        I just noticed my new cordless drill is a Bosch. Last I heard it was thinking of leaving me to join up with a chainsaw and jackhammer in my neighbour's garage......