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Looks Like DeMar Is Going 2 Have His Work Cut Out For Him @ The All-Star Dunk Contest

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    My brother talked to Sonny Weems a few weeks ago at one of his basketball things (Canadian Flight Games I think)... Sonny said he is going to be in the dunk contest this year, and it apparently wasn't a joke - he said it with a straight face and looking completely confident about it. I'm not sure if its even possible for him to know if he's in it yet, but even if he was just saying it, he definitely has a great chance.

    Demar and Sonny in the same contest? That would be fun to watch... and just like old times (VC and TMac).


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      Arsenalist wrote: View Post
      Unfortunately, I saw the whole 2:49 of that video and have concluded that this thread should be titled, "DeMar has nothing to worry about in the dunk contest". Other than White's last dunk, which was okaaayy, this was just a compilation of failure.
      ya, definitely and last year's contest was so rigged they already had nate robinson on that piece of paper before it even started. pathetic.
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        How many more times can Webster (oops I mean Nate Robinson) win the dunk contest? Are they trying to relive old Spud Webb memories or something? Retire from the contest already Nate! BTW DD was one good dunk from winning the whole thing last year for any doubters...