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Should The Raptors Jersey Be Changed?

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    Changing the icon to a jet is dumb.


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      canadiandude2012 wrote: View Post
      If we are changing the jersey, can we also can the name? Raptors sounds kinda lame, after all it was chosen because of the success of Jurassic Park, not the most best pop culture reference. I would merge the Maple Leafs and TFC and Raps together to create a proper sport Team, like what they have in Europe, Call it Maple Leafs Sport Club or something and name all the teams like that. The logo would be a Maple Leaf, and maybe have the CN tower in there somewhere, in a circle with letters around the circle.
      Thoughts? Ideas?
      PS. Arsenalist, you know that own goal by Reina was the biggest load ever. GLORY LIVERPOOL!
      Sorry, I would not cheer for a 'Maple Leafs' BBall team. I would even consider cheering for the Supersonics if this happened.

      Besides this isn't soccer, and this isn't Europe.


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        Keep the name, change the jersey! keep it simple though, like the huskies but with raptors or Toronto.


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          i like the cn tower but somebody mentioned it does look like golden states new logo. i like the idea of gettin rid of the red and purple and going with that blue like u have up there, or even maple leaf blue. im all in for going fully huskies, its not 95 anymore and nobody is into dinosaurs, the jet/raptor is a clever idea but i wouldnt do it. blue huskies jerseys but updated, maybe have the cn as the secondary logo on the shorts or somthing. but i have been thinking they needed a jersey change for a while, not for the sake that bosh is gone, that would be stupid
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          With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.. You hear me BC?


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            i heard on pti the nets are changing there name in 2 years? anybody know if there is any truth to that?
            No Dissrespect...
            With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.. You hear me BC?


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              Afro_Daddy wrote: View Post
              i heard on pti the nets are changing there name in 2 years? anybody know if there is any truth to that?
              It's true the owner said that. I'm not sure if he'll follow through, but he definitely wants to, I think it depends on the potential move to Brooklyn?


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                Jordan-Drexler wrote: View Post
                I think one way we could go is to keep the name but have a a picture of a diffrent kind of raptor. Like as in the plane, i know it sounds wierd but it worked well with the Windsor Sptifire's OHL team.

                Picture included.

                except with a raptor jet

                I like it!


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                  they should change the jersey to that throwback huskies uniform!


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                    They might as well bring back the dinosaurs now cause the 90's will be cool again.


                    I love my raps but i still can't believe we named them after a retarded movie. I embrace the stupidness.
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                      *edit* whoops this was a response to Afro_daddy */edit*
                      they're planning on being in Brooklyn so I def. see a name change for them. That's how it should be, you change cities, you get a new name. You can't just arbitrarily change it just because you want a fresh start.

                      Anyways I love the Raptor claw, that's one of the more awesome logo's in the league.
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                        they should keep the same colors, but use the raptors republic claw!!!


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                            Would anyone dare suggest that they put


                            on the jersey?

                            Anyone here who can photo shop this?
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