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Xavier Henry Acquistion?

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    jk1m wrote: View Post
    @LBF: I understand your point of view. Would you consider trading Barbosa and Wright or maybe Kleiza to bring in Henry?

    @Buddahfan: Yeah, it would be amazing if we can get him and he learns to play the PG position. I've read up that Mayo is trying to improve on PG related skills.

    @Matt52: That is a good offer but I think Memphis would want a bit more. How about include Evan's expiring because it seems they are trying to cut back and sign their soon to be FA's Randolph, Gasol and/or Mayo. For Calderon maybe we can include a 3 team trade involving Charlotte as well.
    ya, i would move banks and wrightfor him and then maybe try to sneak ina conley for caldeorn swap.

    Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    gondor primulon!
    If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

    Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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      Yeah, the most likely scenario would be to trade Bank's expiring, Julian Wright, Heat's 1st rounder and part of our TPE. That's a nice package deal for Henry.


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        jk1m wrote: View Post
        Yeah, the most likely scenario would be to trade Bank's expiring, Julian Wright, Heat's 1st rounder and part of our TPE. That's a nice package deal for Henry.
        That would be a hell of a steal.

        Anyone have an idea of some of the other teams that would have a need for someone like Henry - to get a sense of who might be looking into acquiring him from the Grizz?


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          How bout

          To Toronto:
          Xavier Henry
          Mike Conley

          To Charlotte
          Jose Calderon
          Acie Law

          To Memphis
          Boris Diaw
          Joey Dorsey
          3 Mill Cash
          Miami 2011 First and Second Round Pick

          Is this a good trade and if not what would you change about it


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            Buddahfan wrote: View Post
            Ford and Dampier -

            That will for sure increase the chances of Raptors 10-11 bashers being correct.

            Ford - Been there, done it. No thanks No interest in a recycled Ford. Seems to me that we could be talking Ford-Edsel here. I wouldn't even by a new one, why a used one?
            Dampier - A taller and older version of last season's Reggie Evans.
            Who really cares about the 10-11 raptors bashers? Seriously. True fans, and anyone with basketball IQ, would see the amount of flexibility taking on Ford and Dampier would provide the Raptors as part of getting rid Calderon's contract. They would have about $21M in cap space next summer and still have the TPE.

            Dampier equals Evans? I'll give you Dampier is way past his prime, but last year he averaged 7 points, 7 rebs, and 1.4 blocks in 22 minutes. Plus he is huge. He is the type of player that would be great to drop his $13M, re-sign to a modest contract (say $3-4M which is more than anyone else could offer) and package to a playoff team looking for depth in the post season at trade deadline, while giving the Raps 20-25 minutes a game allowing Johnson and Davis to get a load of minutes/experience wothout having to rely on them and their inexperience exclusively.

            Trade deadline, draft, and free agency, use the TPE/cap space to get a real big man, wing player, and draft a PG to mature behind Jack for a couple of years.

            Unless the BC can get Gay, Gasol, and Z-BO for Banks, Evans, Calderon, this team is going to be crap next year no matter what. Face it and think about building a contender over the next couple of seasons rather than scrapping in to the 8th seed next year.