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More Videos Of DeMar & Sonny At Pavillion

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    Buddahfan wrote: View Post

    There is just something about watching talented young athletic women sweat that gets my attention and holds it.
    There are women playing in the WNBA???!!


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      Vid. sucked.... theyre trying to dunk with no to run room and its just messing around..


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        I agree that Buddah is looking at this situation in the wrong was really cool for them to come out. They could of gone ANYWHERE..for example they could of gone to HOOPDOME..but they came out to a local gym..totally cool of them. As far as liability..not sure but they weren't even trying..competition was weak.


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          RecklessIndifference wrote: View Post
          LOL... he's a pretty weird guy, I don't think he likes all the attention he gets anymore.

          It's a good thing I'm not a Flames fan, because they are taking huge steps backwards. I won't say who I root for in hockey b/c I'll prob just get harassed lol
          we talking about fleury or hart.

          and is ti the leafs? or the canucks?
          If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

          Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.