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Jose Calderon: A Prequel Worth Watching

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  • Jose Calderon: A Prequel Worth Watching

    Blog. Blog. Blog. If the NBA season is the main attraction, than the offseason is the Prequel.

    Unfortunately most prequels aren't very good - they get lost in the hoopla and play second fiddle to what follows.

    Jose Calderon, on the other hand, seems to appreciate the way prequels develop the story.


    In Calderon's first NBA season, the young point guard couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

    So what did he do?

    He spent the summer working on his jump shot and by the time the main attraction rolled around, Calderon had developed a nearly automatic mid range jumper (which seems to be a lost art in the NBA).

    Well, what else does this young man do? Certainly a jump shot isn't enough to base a prequel on (no matter how lack luster prequels tend to be).

    Calderon forgoes trips to the Cayman Islands in favor of spending his summer QBing an excellent Spanish National Team. His pride and commitment to his native team is exemplary and unwavered, even when Ricky Rubio became more featured in the offence.

    Okay, okay – this prequel is starting to shape up. If only there was one more thing to get excited about…

    Well, there is!

    The stigma attached to European basketball players is that they are soft – pure shooters who shy away from contact and refuse to take the ball into the painted area.
    Calderon obviously didn’t get the memo – for the past few years he seemed to be one of the few Raps who consistently took the ball to the rim (okay I could do without his trademark slow dribble and look back at the defender before he lays the ball in the rim)
    But it’s part of his swagger and you get the point.

    Bottom line this guy invests more time on prequels than George Lucas and I’m happy to see Calderon still has a role in this years feature film.
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    Is that you, Jorge?? I like how you squeezed yourself into that Calderon video. Are you planning a Raptor sequel?


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      I am not so sure that what you are describing is a prequel

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      A prequel is a work that supplements a previously completed one, and has an earlier time setting
      . The widely recognized term was a 20th-century neologism, and a portmanteau from pre- (Latin for "before") and sequel (a supplementing work with a setting later than its predecessor's, from the Latin sequella, thing that follows). The prequel forms part of the "back-story".


      Though the word "Prequel" is of recent origin, works fitting this concept existed long before. By the theories accepted by many historians about authorship of the Book of Ruth in the Bible, it was written as a kind of prequel - i.e., an account of the ancestors of King David written when an extensive literature on King David himself was already in existence. The Cypria, presupposing hearers' acquaintance with the events of the Homeric epic, confined itself to what preceded the Iliad, and thus formed a kind of introduction.

      According to OED the word prequel first appeared in print in 1958 in an article by Anthony Boucher in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It appears to have first come into general use in the early 1970s, in which its first known, traceable use is in the original press pack for The Godfather Part II,[1] where it is used to describe the sections of the film which take place before the events of The Godfather, which intercuts the further story of the Corleone mafia family under the leadership of Michael Corleone with the story of his father Vito Corleone in his youth.

      According to the Internet Movie Database, an early prequel in film was Another Part of the Forest (1948).[2]

      Some prequels of the 1970s were The Nightcomers (1972)[3], prequeling Henry James's novel The Turn of the Screw, and the 1979 film Butch and Sundance: The Early Days, which was a prequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

      Francis Ford Coppola credited George Lucas with devising the term,[citation needed] which Lucas and Steven Spielberg later used to describe their joint project Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (which also occurred before the events of the first Indiana Jones film) during publicity for its release. Lucas's own Star Wars prequel trilogy greatly popularized the term in American culture

      A prequel is basically a literary form in which a story or story a line is created as part of series that describes events that happened previously to other stories or story lines in series that had been previously created.

      The purpose of a prequel is an attempt to go back after the fact in time to help explain the time flow of a series of events and fill in holes or gaps in a series that should have been included earlier in the series.

      I don't think Jose's playing in the 2010 European summer leagues is a prequel. I sure as hell hope it is a not a trailer of the Jose Calderon 10-11 season with the Raptors.
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        Remember that injury he suffered...nasty

        Tough dude though!


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          Buddahfan wrote: View Post
          I am not so sure that what you are describing is a prequel
          I use the concept of a 'prequel' as a way to describe all the work that Calderon puts in prior to the start of the season. It's his "back story".

          Buddahfan wrote: View Post
          I don't think Jose's playing in the 2010 European summer leagues is a prequel. I sure as hell hope it is a not a trailer of the Jose Calderon 10-11 season with the Raptors.
          I always skip the trailers! lol
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            It is a good reminder of how much more athletic Jose used to be when he arrived in the NBA... Now just a matter of deciding why he lost some of that before his prime:

            A) He's had injuries that have temporarily affected his explosiveness (he just needs to finally get healthy/in shape)

            B) He's had injuries that have permanently affected his explosiveness (and we should ditch him before everyone else finds out OR

            C) His Injuries are not the main problem - He got paid/etc and his motivation is no longer there to get fit/healthy etc

            My belief is its a tossup between A and B (Jose doesn't seem to be the type to get paid and quit (a la Eddie Curry/Jerome James/the Knicks 2003-2009 roster)
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